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[Discussion] Cory Schneider Trade Thread

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Let me get this straight - in no way do I think that Cory Schneider will be traded. IMO, at this point, anybody who thinks we are actually going to trade Schneider is out to lunch.

However, it seems every 3rd poster in the Roberto Luongo Trade Thread seems to think that way. So I created this thread for them to discuss their ideas.

(In other words, keep some of the crazy out of the RLTT.)



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Someone tried this, and it was shut down.

Lock the thread/delete it.


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Until the organization gives some sort of indicator that the team is interested in trading Schneider, or the media has something to go on I don't believe we need this thread.

There are plenty of other places to post speculation on the subject in any event. The Luongo thread being split with a discussion thread for this section was a special case as any new information was becoming impossible to find while a discussion was taking place in the same thread.


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