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Evander Kane having off-ice issues with members of the Vancouver Canucks

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apparently a few people on my beer league team who have close sources to Evander Kane's so called "Entourage" or crew of "managers" in vancouver whatever you call it, who are westend/downtown vancouver guys have heard (this is no lie) that let alone evander kane's off ice issues in winnipeg, there are also some here in vancouver involving first of all random guys from surrey but also even members of the canucks ("bar confrontations if you know what I mean), the two main names were first Bieksa and mostly Kesler (they said it has happened on more than one occasion), it does make sense with Kesler as Kesler has connections to some high-up guys in vancouver that kane is connected to (some uppal or david guy), and also kesler is the most frequent Canuck around the vancouver night-life scene. What do you guys think since this is not the first we've heard of Evander Kane off the ice issues?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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