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Wolf smell

Van-Columbus van-Detroit

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So I'm not a big fan of trading Schneider but at this point I think we need to move a goalie before the deadline. My reasoning being, there is going to be a lot of movement/selling of players when the cap drops making the return less later than sooner. The reason for moving schneids is that he's easier to move an would bring a bigger return. Also we have lack waiting in the wings. We know Luo is a great mentor and he seems to get along we'll with lack (check out there twitter convos)

Canucks get- Jenner, mason/bobrovsky, boll 2013 2nd

Columbus gets- Schneider, Raymond 3rd?

Would we need to add the pick?

I am kinda stealing this from another post but I liked it.

Van gets- white and a 4th

Det gets- Ballard


Booth kes kassian

Higgins Schroeder Hansen

Sesito Lappy wiese

Hamhuis bieksa

Edler Tanev

Garrison white



We can trade mason bobrovsky at the draft if it looks like lack will be available if not we have a backup already.

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Why would Columbus want Schneider (or Luongo) when they got Bobrovsky?

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Haha oops meant Luo inner....... Yes I tborrowed your Detroit trade. Think of it as a compliment. I'm not sure how its a crappy return, it fills a need. Also meant to have boll in on the 4th as well

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Why would St. Louis want want Elliot when they have halak, why would Chicago want emery when they have Crawford? Having two quality tenders beats having one

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boll is a 4th liner.

Jenner is a prospect thats intriguing but we need help now.

Mason is a struggling goalie who will cost over 3m to qualify, so we have 7m in goalies now

Remove raymond add weise and put brassard/letestu/prospal in your deal

We dont need to add a 3rd to the deal either.

If we end up moving schneider I want an elite return impact current top 6 forward or top 4 young signed right handed d man, not a reclamation expensive back up, a prospect who isnt in the leauge and a 4th line. the 2nd rounder is ok would prefer the rangers 1st though

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That is no where near what it would take to pry Schneider from. Any Schneider to Columbus talk starts with Johansen

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Giving up Schneider is tough I'd really prefer not to do it but who is out there who is likely to pick up Luo from now until next season. Being generous I'd say nyi, Tampa, Florida, Columbus, Washington. They all have something van would be interested in but if they were willing to pay the price wouldn't it have happened by now? Now who would be interested in schneids. Pretty much the same teams but then add teams like NJ, Winnipeg, an maybe Minnesota. It's not a very big pool to begin with but I could see more interest given to schneids. Especially as there are a few goalies out there likely to be shopped in the next year.

In response to Erik.

I'd put boll on the 4th. Thinking on it we could use a bit more help but is brassard/ letestu the answer? We don't really need another left handed d man. Brassard would fill a need at C but our cap would be getting up there if we kept Raymond as well. I suppose we could make another trade. And as for mason he is rfa next year would he really command 3m? Other than a good rookie year what has he done lately? I could see a short term deal in the 2m range. If Lack is ready then we could trade him for a pick or add as a package for something else of need next year. Either sign an trade or trade rights. Anyway I really don't see the need for goalies in the league being more than the supply at the moment or foreseeable future. While it might not be an amazing return it would improve our club in places we need.

So how about van- Jenner, boll, mason/bobrovsky brassard and a 2nd (yes nyr 1st would be great but in reality it won't be a big difference)

Columbus- Schneider, wiese and yes Raymond ( I like Raymond but they are giving up a bit and it would even it up)

In a different circumstance I know we could get more but really we have a deadline to trade a goalie. What happens when we get to that deadline an we still have both. What happens if a goalie won't play until he or the other is traded. What if the time comes the demand hasn't changed and we get lowballed even worse? I'm not sold on this trade exclusively but something along these lines wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.

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