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(Proposal) Albatross Contracts, Redundant Players and Cap Reductions

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Firstly I would need to see Alberts go. The guy is a bum and i'd rather try to get Dana Murzyn back in the line up then watch Alberts play another game for us. $1.225M right there in dead weight gone.

Manny Malhotra. Sad story for such a good guy but what's done is done. Another 2.5M off the books.

Ballard and Booth will both be gone. For what I am not sure. Maybe picks/prospects maybe a buyout in there. Don't really want to see Ballard go but the numbers don't work well with him here and if it's his contract standing in the way of someone likr Roy being here next year the it's goodbye Ballard. Another $8.5M just left the building

Raymond seems to play well in his contract years.....Then he turns back into the guy who can't go 30 seconds without falling on his face again. With the re-signing of Higgins I say make a swap with another team involving Raymond at draft day. Perhaps with hsi current performance we could package him up with a goalie and get a decent return. That's another $2.25M

So far: 1.225 + 8.5 + 2.25 + 2.5 = 14.475. not bad but now we have some holes to fill.

But before we start filling up holes we have to deal with the goalie drama. Move Luongo and the albatross contract? The more palatable choice for Vancouver. The return would likely be pathetic in comparison to Luongo's skill set, but Gillis has backed himself into a corner and he doesn't have much other choice at this point. If he goes to the Aquilinis saying they has to bite the $26M buyout, Gillis is unemployed. So for the sake of me not having to type about the return we would get for Schneider, which is likely a big name forward and possibly more, let's say Luongo is the one to go. Another 5.33M done.

$19.805M off the books.


Alberts - Good god it can be anyone, hell it can be an actual pylon. I don't care at this point. I'm ready to run him over with a Zamboni for the sake of my sanity - A plug at $1M to replace him.

Booth - Hopefully Roy at a similar conract. - Derek Roy at a 4.5M cap hit

Ballard - We will come to miss him i'm sure of it but numbers are numbers. - A free agent tot he tune of 2.5M

MayRay - With Hansen turning into a beast and Higgins re-signing we can simply part with the most expensive of the three since they are all similar in style of play. - Nicklas Jensen to receive more playing time (hopefully)

Luongo - Schneider to take the helm as the undisputed number one goalie in Vancouver. An unfortunate end to Roberto's time here. he will go down as one of the best, if not the best goalie tow ear a Canuck jersey. - Insert Eddie Lack to back up Schneider or if Lack isn't ready to make the jump, a veteran backup at a reasonable max price of 2M.

The Line up:

Sedinery - Burrows

Kassian Kesler Higgins

Hansen Roy Jensen

Weiss Lapierre Sestito/Pinner

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Garrison

Tanev FA Pickup/ Player receive from a trade


Lack/ FA Pickup

The final nubmers:

17.039M saved

-5.5M cap reduction

-4.5 Derek Roy

-2,0 back up (possibly avoided if Lack proves worthy)

-2.5FA defenseman

=$5.305 Wiggle room. Could be more or less depending if Roy takes 4.5 and if Lack can be the backup

If Lack is good we have an estimated $7.305M room to play with.

I welcome all thoughts/feedback

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I didn't want to do the math myself, correct me if I'm wrong but i don't think you added the increases in salary..

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I'm probably leaving all of my roster proposals aside until after the season. There are too many variables which could affect the roster.

When will (and which of) Luongo/Schneider be traded? Will any assets be leaving town with them?

Will Roy re-sign here? If so, for how much? Maybe he'll want more than $4.5 million. maybe another team will be willing to give it to him.

Will Booth and/or Ballard be traded, bought out, or still here?

Will Raymond be re-signed? What about Lapierre? If so, for how long and how much?

Will either, or both of Kassian and Jensen be able to make the jump next season?

You (and others) desire to get rid of Alberts (or any of the other depth d-men). Will there be any UFA d-men out there who: a.) want to sign here; b.) are better than Alberts et al; c.) are wiling to sign for something equal or less to what Alberts is getting? There might be such a player out there, but until he actually signs...

About the only thing you can likely count on as something close to a 100% certainty is that the team has to drop about $7 million in cap and Malhotra won't be back, which really hurts the team on several levels.



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