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Lil B From The Pack

The Jabroni Thread

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Hello peoples of CDC. This thread is where you name all the jabronis in the world and name why. I start off.

Hulk Hogan

This guy the number 1 Jabroni. This jabroni raisin balls steal from the Iron Sheik. Hulk Hogan not start the Hulkamania. Iron Sheik start the Hulkamania. Without Iron Sheik, no Hulkamania. Without Iron Sheik, no wrestling. Without Iron Sheik, he be worse than Ultimate Warrior and the Brian Blair.

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Bob the Builder.

Because he builds whatever the **** he wants.

Aint nobody allowed to do whatever the **** he wants.

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FACK THE BRAD MARCHAND! he-he no good jabroni mother****er. WHO HAVE OLYMPIC GOLD METAL? that no good jabroni mother***er no have gold metal. I PUT I PUT HIM IN CAMEL CLUTCH AND MAKE HIM HUMBLE but now that he do community stuff, he good man

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