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[Proposal]Luongo goes home

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Nick Foligno

resign Roy

Sedin Sedin Kassian

Higgins Roy Kesler

Foligno Matthias Burrows

Hansen Lapierre Jensen

Hamhuis Garrison

Edler Bieksa

Corrado Tanev




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Do you guys know how much real money it costs to buy out Luongo? its not monopoly money. Our owner spends to the cap every year. He has not been cheap. So he is not going to chuck out 30mil dollars to Luongo to let him walk away for nothing so we can have 5.3mil more cap room.

You dont get to be a multi millionaire by making decisions like that. Unless Gillis can move him for pieces and NO buy out salary in return, he aint going anywhere.

If he had one year left or something like gomez, then maybe. If the canucks are dead set against playing luongo they stick the guy on waivers and send him to chicago and see how long he likes that before he quits and goes to europe.

However, I dont think we should be that mean. We trade Cory Schneider , Keep Luongo and see how Lack and Cannata pan out.

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home for Luongo is Montreal.... not Florida (his wife is from Florida)

as for the deals, I wouldn't do either

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In the second trade, take out Booth and Ballard and Columbus might accept it. at the very least, its a better trade for them.

Without Booth and Ballard, it leave Colombus with 8 450 000$ to spend on free agency, money better spend than acquiring booth and Ballard.

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take our schroeder in your first deal and its acceptable. no need to trade Schroeder.

and the 2nd deal is really bad. booth and ballard will be traded for late picks or bought out.

why have Jensen on the 4th line? why have hansen on the 4th line? no for me

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