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B/C It's Awards Night

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Sorry, Van awards don't mean much to me in a mini-season. There's only one prize I relly NEED them to get. Now I'm basically a newbie here; after browsing some of the other teams' boards, I think we've a bit of a treasure here at CDC. There's a lot of creativity, insight, passion & enthusiasm for our superb collection of players...

So how 'bout some awards for our preeminent posters?!

-MVP contributor...MAKAVELI(He's done some acclaimed stuff, but his post-game hilites are a happening, man)

-Best bloody chuckle(1 post)....Apples(man that GDT you made about a week back was a hoot!)

...Gotta' head out the door soon. Hope some of you lads/lasses may contribute additional categories. Adv thanks


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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