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Rock, paper, scissors

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Have you wondered how we beat Chicago this year? The answer is we are built to play against smaller offensive teams. It is not that Chicago is weaker, as they are built for total speed, and can fly past larger teams like LA, San Jose and St. Louis ( Something we can not do), The LA's, Bruin's etc., are built to beat teams like ours. Hense Rock, Paper, Scissors

You can not blame Gillis for building his teams core, to play that way, as that was the way the NHL had stated they wanted to go.......No more interference, no clutch and grab, but the NHL did not follow through with these plans, probably because the power brokers in the NHL, didn't have these types of teams, and it was easier to fall back to the older style.

Have you ever swam down a river and tried to turn back against the current? Dam near impossible!

Now this is not to say Gillis should be held blameless, as Gillis has failed miserably to evaluate talent, properly, but his scouting staff, which is basically been around since Bourke and Nonis, has not done a good job of councilling him on his NHL trades, but has been pretty good in drafting in the later quarter of each round. Hodgson didn't want to be here...end of that story!

Which leads us to AV....who I think coaches for the "NOW" with what he has, and coaches without concern for the future. Scotty Bowman, Don Cherry, Joel Queneville, etc have all been fired, as after a while the message gets ignored. It is time to fire coach AV and his staff.....what a terrible powerplay!

Is there blame? Oh Yeah, lots to go around.......and if Gillis keeps his job, he is going to have one hell of a busy summer! We have problems here! Problems here in River City! That dates me, but you get the message.....

PS....just about every comment on CDC has been right in someway or another......if the moves or lack there of, work. Trade Schneider, Trade Luongo, Trade Edler, sign Torres, buy out Booth or what ever????.......Can you honestly say you know for sure.....if you do, be my guest.....tell me I am wrong!

Me....I would trade my favorite player(Schneider), Edler and the Sedins (for prospects and picks only), all for different reasons...and trade Ballard, Raymond and Boothe for what ever you can get (including cap relief) but that is me. ......sign RFA's and UFA's to fill the could be done....Maybe not by Gillis, but it could be done!

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