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Ronnie Canuck

If Pittsburg loses we need Jarome

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Sign Jarome and make him our captain

1st press conference he comes out and says "I want to bring the Cup back to Canada"!

- takes heat of H Sedin

-teaches Kealer what it takes to be captain

-well respected in league , so start to change our identity , no diving, no whining , just play hockey

Sign Lappy, Wies and Sesisto to 2 way contracts and have them play an entire year in minors. Have them play 1st line minutes , power play and teach our other prospects what it takes. Let them build chemistry playing important 20inuyes a game so when they get called up they will be a real 4th line

Frees up cap space so we can have K.Lain centre Kasian and Gaunce on our 4th line. Commit to playing them 10 minutes every game and play against NHL players in importantinutes

1st line Kealer, Daniel and Burrows

2nd Jensen H Sedin and Jarome

3rd Hansen Hoggins and Schroder or Tyler Bozak

(If we can't find a centre that can play all 3 lines the. Play Schroder)

Committ 1st two lines for at least 1/3 of season

2/3 of season

1st Sedin, Sedin, Jarome

2nd Burrows, Bozak,Kesler

3rd Hansen, Schroder, Hansen

Try Jansen on 4th or keep it in tact

Last part of year

1st Jarome, Bozak, Kesler

2nd Sedin,Sedin,Burrows

Keep 3&4 same

Come playoff time call up Lappy line

Take stats of all lines against all teams they play so we can then dictate any style we want

We can switch up all lines every period if we need to score base on stats or shut down

By keeping the Lappy line in minors we save money on Cap space and get younger , bigger plus we will have real lines we can be excited about again

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No for captain, no for Lappy in AHL, no for splitting up Sedins

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Well, Lou's condo is for sale for only 300k more than Jarome got for his house last month.

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Kealer and Hoggins need to be on the second line together

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Kealer should be captain!!!!!

That is all.

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