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If I was the Boss!

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:43 AM

First order of Business: Gillis

Gillis has had his 5 years, he had his peak where we almost won a cup, and now we are set for a decline; 2 first round romps in consecutive years.

We lost key players from our Stanley cup run: Malhotra, Torres, Salo and Erhoff

Our bottom six lost a leader, a voice and a great faceoff man in Malhotra – He was not replaced

It also lost a wrecking ball with skill in Torres, Torres is annoying, hated and can score goals – He was not replaced

Our D Core lost:

Salo is extremely injury prone but was an amazing canuck, he brought us reliablility in our own zone and a clapper from the point, our record with salo in the lineup was notably better than without – Although Gillis sort of replaced him with a younger Garrison who has started to adjust to our system

Erhoff made everyone around him better offensively, he moved the puck well, broke out of his zone faster than any defenseman on our roster, quarterbacked the PP, scored key goals, made the sedins more dangerous by gaining the zone quicker – He was not replaced

It is impossible to expect our team to be any better than it was in 2011 when we were 1 game away from becoming champions by losing 4 key players and only replacing one of them over 3 years, I think Gillis has robbed our core of 2 years of their primes by not minimally replacing the players he lost, while other teams improved their rosters through prospects rising, signings and trades.

His trade record is abysmal; he seems to trade away all our skill from our thin prospect pool.

Grabner, 1st (Howden), K CON, 2nd in a deep draft this year were just thrown away etc.

As GM of our team and president I blame Gillis 100% for three very large issues that have had a negative effect on our team:

1. Hodgson – From day one he was mismanaged and treated poorly by our coaching staff (AV), the media, and in his development. He was our best prospect we have had since Bourdon (RIP). As our GM and president he should have handled and protected and supported Hodgson much better than he did. Nothing against Kassian, but Hodgson is a beauty and Gillis ruined it.
2. The Goalie Dilemma:
If Gillis did not want to stick with Luongo, Gillis should never have signed him to that outrageously long contract, nothing good has ever come from contracts like that. Schneider was in the system as well, him and AV have butchered this goalie situation to the point where it is mickey mouse like and reflects poorly on our organization as an example of mishandling our team and looking like we don’t know what direction we wish to go in.
Schneider is a great young goalie, but comes with question marks: his durability is questionable, he has never played a full 82 game season as a starter in the NHL, his post season record is roughly 1 win in his past 10 or 11 starts, lots of concerns. His best attribute is his calming effect on the team, his pattern to start slow when he makes a league jump, and he has always eventually excelled. Gillis has burned all ties with Luongo, and Schneider is our goalie for better or for worse I hope it turns out, only time will tell. What is relevant though is that the goalie distraction this year def. distracted the team and couldn’t have helped their performance.

3. Manny Malhotra:
The handling of Manny has been atrocious, He is a stand up guy, great character I do not want to talk to much about it but I do not think this was handled properly and most likely served as a distraction as well for the team.

If doctors and players say they are good to go they are good to go, Players should wear visors and there are many examples why, but a coach or GM doesn’t keep a player out of the game if they refuse to wear one, I know very different but similar sort of.

Gillis has made some nice free agent signings, I believe that’s the only thing Gillis is good at besides trading away our youth and talent, and making bad trades.

I think Gillis has had his chance and his time has come to be replaced, I do not have an exact replacement suggestion but I would prefer a person who is well respected by his peers and other GM’s, so that they would be comfortable trading with him. Perhaps Tambellini. The only way I would not want him fired as GM would be if he pulls off moves like I propose! And I also think it should be a step down from GM and he should remain President as I like his changes he has made behind the scenes, with all that new age support.

Second Order of business:

Fire AV and his co coaches/ assistants

Core needs new coaches, they have grown as much as possible with AV, and I am tired of seeing him being outcoached by other coaches in the post season, making poor goalie decisions, not respecting our prospects and giving them chances where they can make smalls mistakes and learn from them (Schroeder, Kassian, Grabner etc.) Skilled prospects never have a chance in our system, only grinders who have strong two way games are given a chance in AVs system. Respect AV, Love what he has done for Vancouver, he will have no problem getting a job in Winnipeg (most likely), or Dallas, our players need a new voice and our team needs a change. Just as Washington did last year etc.

I do not have any suggestions to who would be best I have seen names on here like Crawford, Quinn, Ruff, Boucher and a few others including Arniel.

I want to keep Arniel with our new farm team, I think he does a great job with them and this year will be a very important year for a few of our prospect, it would have been huge for K CONN if he was still with us as well.. shame

Read a post on here regarding team Suisse coach, I think he is an interesting option and perhaps worth a long look or consideration.

Current Line-Up




Ballard,Tanev, Barker

Glaring issues from playoffs:

Sedins need a big body RH shot, Secondary Scoring, Special Teams, Grit, puck moving defenseman (QB)

Moves to address these issues:

1. Luongo Trade – Hes already gone mentally, place is up for sale, Gillis comments in press conference and just everything that’s happened past two years

Florida is his home, he wants to go there and I would be shocked if he went elsewhere.

They will want us to take Upshall back in this trade but NO WAY, that cannot happen, it is not perfect salary wise but I think this would be a trade that benefits both teams:

Van Receives: Rights to Matthias, Brian Campbell
Florida Receives: Rights to Mason Raymond and Roberto Luongo and possibly a 3rd or 4th round pick if it was needed I don’t think it be would though

We need a third line centre that’s big, can hit can be a game changer once and awhile and score goals here and there. We need a defenseman with wheels that s proven, they can be a PP qb, Campbell has expressed his feelings that he doesn’t want a part in a rebuild, this deal would be favourable for him and for Florida as his contract is Large at 7 mill, but it ends in two years and those would be 2 relatively productive years as he is 33.

Raymond’s Contract will be a wash with what Matthias is probably expecting, and will have a much better chance to succeed in the East than the West and is in need of a fresh start he had a good bounce back year, but the cancus need to go in a different direction.

Erhoff and Malhotra have now been replaced by
Campbell and Matthias

With the emergence of Tanev and the development of Corrado and the acquisition of Edler, we have a very expensive back end, and Edler is now sort of expendable.

An ever so popular trade on this Forum is Edler for couturier (might have spelt wrong) and Bobby Ryan

I personally love that proposal

Van Receives: Bobby Ryan and possibly a draft pick later than 2nd so 3rd or later
Anaheim Receives: Edler and the rights to Derek Roy

Ryan is expendable, he needs a change of scenery I believe, He is big fast hits snipes dangles, I like him a lot, I think he just needs a fresh start somewhere else. Anaheim has both getzlaf and perry locked up, have expressed the interest of trading Ryan before, I believe this is a hockey trade that beenfits both clubs as Edler is an immediate upgrade over Souray, Allen, Lydman and beauchemin. Edler is great but he has been labeled as our number 1 and when in that position he has proven to crack. I think he needs a fresh start on another team as well, and our core needs a bit of shock to the system. The rights to Roy gives the ducks a shot at a talented center who could fit in nice with Anaheims big top six and they have the cap room to sign him, Edler and Ryans cntracts are a wash as well almost exactly the same.

Ryan is an addition not a replacement and addresses our teams secondary scoring issue. Hed also look great on the PP with the sedins I believe, RHS big body plus hes fast and has a snipe.

Line up Now is:



Alberts, Ballard

Kassian – I don’t think David Clarkson would do any better with the sedins than Kassian would, Kassian will have a great summer off and make a few strides in his development, he started off the year great with 5 goals, and AV took a sh1t on him and put him on the fourth line. Hes a big fast talented right wing and could flourish with a full season with the sedins, every now and then him and burrows and Hansen could rotate.

Buy outs- Ballard and Booth I am sure they could be moved for low draft pics just to get rid of them, to make wiggle room.

If Ballard cant be moved even for a 4th-6th round draft pic than buy him out.
Booth I am on the fence as I have seen great moments for him but he could have a lengthy recovery and might not bounce back as expected, Id prefer not taking a gamble and trading him all the same as ballard, either way I expect both to be gone next year as they are both 2-3 million dollar players in my mind tops, even when played properly and at the top of their game.

And than the same for Malhotra either buy him out if we trade bth booth and ballard or trade him for a 7th round pick.

That would free up 10.5 million in capspace use it for Tanevs small raise( I hope its not RFA inflated), Campbells 2 mill increase from luis contract, 2 mill increase from Ryan, which would be same if we kept Edler from his extension starting next year, with a few signings here and their for depth and losing a few depth guys to free agency there would be enough cap space to land one large impact free agent, and I think Mike Ribeiro would be a fantastic signing, he wants a 4-5 year deal that pays more than 5 mill a year. He is a skilled playmaker, along with finisher, he would instantly make our team better as he did with Washington. He has proven he can score in the west as well (while playing with dallas). He has also proven his consistency and durability over the years, he is a safe signing and Washington wants to resign him desperately, too bad it doesn’t sounds like ribeiro wants to, and they wont have the cap space with a few big RFA signings and the Erat trade. He also doesn’t want to have a big move Vancouver is a great place to live, great city, great fans, and It isn’t too far from Washington wont be a massive move. He also wans to be on a contender, as seeing as we were in finals two years ago and dominated two regular season in a row, he would see our additions prior to july 1st with Ryan Campbell and Matthias, he would see hour depth our skill our potential and what role he would be stepping into, a very desirable role which would also pay him well.

We would have the room to sign him to 5-6 million a year for 4-5 years. I know the cap shrinks next year and we would be close to it, but I think we have to go for it.

Weise/(Or whoever)-Lapierre/(Gaunce)-Higgins

Sedins and Kassian – Explained earlier
I know kesler and Ribs are both centres but Kesler needs a playmaker, and play making wingers are harder to come by than Centres, they could rotate faceoffs by strong sides, or hot games or figure it out, I think this line would be amazing and would be our number 1A line
Hansen line- This line would be brutal to play against, they are tenacious and relentless, Matthias adds size, this line could be used as a shutdown line, that could chip in offensively more than most third lines and are great battlers, meaning they win puck battles with hard work and skill.
Higgins will readily be available to fill in up the roster with injuries, poor performances, game misconducted players etc. He is a good depth player
Lapierre will probably be on his way out this year, and Gaunce could def. replace him this year based off his camp and if he gets a few games beg of year, not sure what another year in Jr would do for him, seeing as he has been supposedly very NHL ready since draft day

Garrison-Campbell – Familiar playing together, great pairing
Hamuis-Bieksa – I think Bieksa plays best with Hamuis
Corrado-Tanev – Love these kids

Alberts – Great 7th DMan



Let Schroeder and Jensen play in the AHL and develop, they would be call ups for injuries, and don’t rush Gaunce into the pros, let him develop, unless he blows management and coaching staff away at training camp.

I think this team has the make up of our 2011 Stanley cup run, but better, we would have an even more potent power play, a much more skilled, tough and balanced offence plus a third line that’s more capable of scoring while shutting down top scorers.

Our new roster has 2 rather expensive new comers in Ribeiro and Campbell, but they are needed, they also want to win and have exhibited great heart in there play.

Our Roster is now bigger, deeper, tougher and more skilled and filled with players that want to win. Losing Ballard Raymond Booth Roy Edler Ebbett Sesito Pinizzotto and Adding Matthias Campbell Ryan Ribeiro are upgrades that would get us out of our first round funk, and the rest of the playoffs would be up to our heart, level of compete, desire and coaching.

First Post, is massive “Flame Away”


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:55 AM

Couple minor typos here and there ,, OH WELL


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 01:00 AM

Too long

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 02:03 AM

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 08:25 AM

I read the whole thing and..............I LOVE IT! Great Ideas!!!!!!
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Posted 20 May 2013 - 10:02 AM

I read the whole thing. Nice to see a well thought out proposal on here. Good job.

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 11:22 AM

i personally wouldnt put higgins on the fourth line hes a 3rd line player at best , and to replace gillis i would hire someone like brian burke ppl might hate it but hes the guy i want as GM

coach to replace av is lindy ruff your trades are good but our d can be better

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:06 PM

I really love this lineup but it doesn't get us under the cap. Our forwards alone r over 40 mil. With Campbell added to garrison, bieksa and hamhuis that's over 20 mil for 4 D. We may have to trade burrows and/or Higgins, and hope our return is cheap or draft picks and gaunce and Jensen can jump in next yr

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:21 PM

You're kidding right?
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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:33 PM

Like Burrows 14 said over the cap. But otherwise it is great. Took alot of time.

Kevin Fiala will be a star.

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:50 PM

LMAO Armada and Apples, I expected a few especially for my first post!

Canucks1 and Peaches Thanks!

Djohal22 I would cry if we hired Brian Burke, I think the Kessel trade was not the smartest move for Toronto in the long run, they could have been putting together a beast of a team with high draft picks, not sure if Ruff would be best here, I do think he would handle our media well though, and for this line up to work dare to dream has pointed out it may be a little over the cap so a move withBurrows and/or Higgins could be necessary

Daretodream thanks for the reply, I actually missed the burrows extension raise as well ahh, I forgot his salary hit goes up 2.5 million, I love Burrows though and would much rather see him stay than higgins, although his rep with the refs is not helping us right now.

A positive with the smaller cap and being tight to it, if we go big this season, I think the sedins would sign for a little bit cheaper and Hansen wouldnt seek a large raise as I am sure they want to play there careers here in Vancouver till they retire.


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:53 PM

I think our "Cap specialist" could find a way to make it work just tightly against the cap!

Lol thanks though Datsyuk'sHands


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 01:55 PM

Agreed for the most part.
Forget Cody. A 21 year old should be just be happy to make the NHL instead of making demands. Did Zetterbeg or Datsyuk make demands or did they develop nicely in the AHL and learn to be a pro. Yzerman and Shanahan would have slapped Cody with Bowman laughing in the background.

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 11:50 AM

Well we dont know exactly how it went down, all we saw was what we were shown, and what I saw was a top prospect being mismanaged.

If Cody was truly a whiny lil b1tch, why did Gillis draft him? It was his first draft and he went on and on and on about character, drafting guys with character who are smart.

If they really looked into him, interviewed him watched him, talked to his old coaches truly scouted him, I think that would have shown up? How could it not?

Either way I think we need a new GM and a new coaching staff

Edited by R3aL, 21 May 2013 - 11:50 AM.


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Posted 21 May 2013 - 12:22 PM

Great post i like it all not to sold on Kesler winging Ribero but really enjoyed the post well done

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 12:26 PM

Also before we start getting guys like Mattias and Ribero we should see the Development of Gaunce and Jensen just to make sure we dont sell there spot off before they get a chance to earn it ( if there ready ) Also There could be a lot of players on the UFA list from teams using there buy outs so..... maybe instead of Campell Try to sigh Erhoff agian as he is most likely to be bought out

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 06:19 PM

Thanks wiznac
And the buy outs this year will be hard to predict and I think there will be less than expected and will be taken as they come


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