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Reading Between The Lines

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Myself, not crazy about Torts. Seen others suggest potential player-coach confrontations. Many of us have memories of the late 90's dust-ups, within our team...Differences, or similarities?

-The bully, Keenan, was temporarily gm. Him(& ownership) had that air of instability about them. Maybe Gillis is getting a little desperate, but ownership seems committed to the long-haul, & quite stable.

- Did MG possibly have Torts agree to a change in coaching-approach ? Maybe the bloke thinks he may run out of coaching opportunities? Just ease up a bit in the room(heck, the city/CDC already holds every player accountable, right?!). Meanwhile be your abrasive self with these interminable media-types!

-I, & others have posted some radical trades to get younger, & ship out vets. Could this hire also be a sign of a coming significant transition? Go with size, youth, toughness, etc...Possibly moving out guys like hansen & the twins, while they hold significant value?

...this hire tells me more big changes are pending.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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