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King Heffy

The Whisky (Whiskey) thread

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Seems we have quite a few fans of this glorious nectar of the gods on here. Personally, I prefer single malt scotch for drinking neat, but a cheaper rye/bourbon does just fine for mixing.

Some of my faves:








What's some of your favourites?

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I'm partial to bourbon for sipping neat, I love the burn. I'm also finding I prefer high rye bourbon over wheated bourbon.

Some favorites include:

Wild Turkey 101

Buffalo Trace

Eagle Rare

Elijah Craig 12 Year

Old Grand-Dad BIB

Edit: how if the heck to I get my images to show up?

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My buddy and I are going halfers on a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. Just waiting til we get down South where the price will go down.

On that note, anyone know why there isn't as much of a drop in price of whiskey when you go down to the states relative to other spirits (i.e., vodka, gin)?

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DBTR - I have had blue label its worth it and youu will love it.

I love classic jamesons. Knob creek is great as well as is white owl

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I'm partial to my crown and cokes. But a night with the captain is always a good night for me as well.

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I like looking at whiskey bottles, especially when I'm enjoying some. Today I am in bourbon mode. I prefer scotch mode, but the price point on bourbon is friendlier.





I agree with you King Heffy, I prefer single malt for sipping, bourbon is a touch too sweet some of the time for me. I have learned to appreciate it though.

I mentioned these little devils in the BEER thread as my scotch faves:

Lagavulin 16

Oban 14

Highland Park 18 (12 is good too, but if I get to choose ;) )

Laphroaig if I'm feeling smoky and phenolic

I don't have my story all straight so I'll keep the details brief but Japanese scotch has come around very well on the world stage. We have some very nice stuff available in BC. Apparently, many many years ago some Japanese distillers traveled to a famous distillery to work and learn about how to make whiskey. When they returned home they began their patient process and the results have been excellent.

Taketsuru and Yamazaki come to mind. I'm sure there are others.

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And yes I like Jack Daniels. But it's not Scotch.

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Really? No one knows the Shebeen Room at the back of the Irish Heather? Amazing selection of whiskies at decent prices (a lot of drams are less than $15)

Been in there. ASTOUNDING whiskey collection.

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