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2 minutes ago, Rob_Zepp said:

You know a guy.....well, that settles it.

Was responding to a guy that said the exact same thing and said take it for what it's worth.  I think the Sedin/Coach/GM comments settle it.  

2 minutes ago, Rob_Zepp said:

The other stuff you post is fine....he responded and that is what young guys are expected to do.   He didn't quit.   He didn't give up.   He put his head down, when to AHL and is now on verge of blossoming as a key power forward in the NHL....and perhaps its fastest.    


Tell me how that is the same as what Tryamkin did?

Did he respond though?  He's slightly improved (not on the stat sheet but away from the puck he did).  

He's been on the verge of blossoming into a key power forward in the NHL since he got drafted.  Let's see if he can turn into a decent 3rd liner before we call him a key power forward.  


Tell me how I said Tryamkin did something that Virtanen did?  

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56 minutes ago, CanadianRugby said:

The ones I been hearing. 

The evidence I been seeing. 

I call BS. 

10 minutes ago, CanadianRugby said:

In the interview done in Russia after he left he said it was due to ice time.  


I also have met a number of people, well one person, that's worked with him and said he has a bad attitude and is an all around jerk.  Take that for what it's worth.


Daniel Sedin & the coach calling him lazy:

He was among a group of players Daniel Sedin recently, and uncharacteristically, called out publicly for, essentially, not trying often enough.

He had his minutes choked by his head coach for “mistakes,” which may have been on the ice, off of it or both.


Benning questioning his habits:

“The problem with Jake is he’s never had any adversity in his career,”

“He’s always been able to sail along on his talent.  This is a wake-up call. He’s learning how to be a pro and that’s in the weight room, his nutrition and his workouts. With him it’s about his habits, his day-to-day habits. He’s taking ownership of that.”


If the coach, GM and the Sedins of all people are calling you out, there's probably something there.  He's young and can change, maybe he already has.  Though the only reason people are denying there are issues with Virtanen is because he's a Canuck.  With his size/speed/shot/physicality he should be doing better than he has. 

This has nothing to do with being a jerk or having a bad attitude.  

Seeing as this was a couple years ago, it is pretty obvious this was about him learning how much effort he has to put in to being a pro.  


You are are making up your own story with snippets of info.  

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