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The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

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15 minutes ago, riffraff said:

400 summers ago there wasn't any either.

Good old days ?


camping right on spanish banks or on third beach 

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18 hours ago, kingofsurrey said:

Just gets worse for BC realtors....




As of Friday, Realtors and real estate agents are no longer allowed to represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction – a practice also known as “dual agency.”

This is the best thing for consumers.  I remember my wife and I got screwed out of a house because the selling realtor wouldn't answer our realtor for 3 days and then finally gets ahold of us and says "oh sorry didn't see your messages we just accepted an offer this morning" oh many was my realtor pissed because he hated that shady crap.  He did some digging and found out he ended up being both the buying and selling.  Was a real piss off, was a nice place in Mission we would have loved to have lived but oh well, ended up with something as nice or better in the end for a bit more.


I just figure realtors will go find their buddy, give them one of the clients and then get a cut of the sales from the second realtor.  Concept is great but I am sure guys will find a way around it. 


I know many realtors who wouldn't push for trying to be dual realtors themselves but if it happened then it would just happen.  Its the dicks who have buyers, look around, get a seller and just match them up instantly to make the extra quick buck.

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Apparently in the Fraser Valley prices went down in April, then rose 1% in May. While 1% obviously isn't a lot, in the context of a $700,000 house it's a huge amount. 

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