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Stetcher or Subban?

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Who do you think has more upside?  

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  1. 1. Who do you think has more upside?/

    • Troy Stetcher
    • Jordan Subban

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On 11/30/2016 at 0:03 PM, Sedin Brothers said:

These guys play pretty much the same role - and I actually think Jordan has a higher ceiling. Don't get me wrong, I'd love them both on the team, but I doubt both will be able to make the team at the same time due to the size. 


So simple. Who would you prefer? Stetcher is proving himself in the NHL, BUT don't think Subban couldn't do the same. He's an offensive genius.... and Stetcher's defense isn't the best (like Subban for his size)


I think Benning trades Subban..


Before you answer, think to yourself - Could Subban thrive in the same situation?

I like Stetcher... He reminds me of bryan rafalski - they're both small and Rafalski was a great offensive D.

Subban is same size but doesn't play big which is his drawback.

he may hold value to a team that's looking for a power play QB.

I sooner trade Larsen than Subban. Subban still can grow into a great PP q-back where as Larsen is what he is.. bottom 7 D.

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Stecher has been better than Subban since the day he got here. There were reports about management being impressed day one, even before camp. At the youngstars training he turned heads. In the youngstars games he was consistently a top player and outplayed Subban. In training camp he outplayed Subban. In preseason, he outplayed Subban. Stecher has earned his spot here, and is showing that he is NHL ready. 


Subban still has a ways to go. His defensive play really isn't bad. It's good. The problem is, when you're a 5'9 defensman in the NHL just good defensive play doesn't cut it. Your stick work, your positioning, as well as other skills like how to use your body to seperate still, have to be top notch. I think Jordan will make the NHL, but there is a reason he was drafted 4th round. It's going to take some time.

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1 hour ago, Eastcoast meets Westcoast said:

With our depth and JS's limitations, the only way he breaks into the NHL on our roster is as a hybrid to start. Play wind and defence. It got Weber games.  

When Jordan skates past you.



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