Linden & Benning on TSN 1040 - April 10

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4 minutes ago, PLOGUE said:

Hate how every thread on this site turns into two wanks bickering back & forth for 5 bloody pages.  You don't need to say all the words that come into your head north do you need to attempt to bend the will of another poster to see it your way.  You will NEVER GET ANYONE HERE TO SAY "OH, I'M WRONG YOU'RE RIGHT" 


Not true whatsoever.


I have no problem giving credit to feel though out counterpoint or viewpoint that may conflict with my thought on a given subject. Generally though I do that with people who don't take a far flung stance on either side of the subject.


I am not trying to convert anyone to think like me, just trying to get people to think differently and less negatively.


Besides, if none of us gave our opinion or formulated well constructed detailed arguments we may as well not even have a message board.

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