Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

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When Sutter and Beagle are your 3/4 c, then yes, you have some depth, without looking into those stats.


JB has always spent on FAs at every position, even goalie. He paid very well for this depth on great role players; filler for tomorrow. 


Had Pettersson not been a rookie superstar, pacing McJesus, and making those around him better, I can imagine a different story. Give JB’s scouting team full marks. 


I hope JB is looking at the Pettersson effect, the hyperinflation of those fortunate enough to be on the ice with him, when he assesses who he could fatten up for trade. This is where I see Goldy and Hutton as the Anson Carter/Trent Klatt’s of the team. EP could raise the trade value of them and anyone else, so cycle them through and take advantage of this golden goose. 



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On 12/29/2018 at 3:28 PM, Toews said:

I am not sure whether Jake was all that liked in the lockeroom in that same time period. Remember they were both kids at the time and got rushed into the NHL before they were fully ready. I actually believe that Benning's hand might have been forced a little at the time to put them into the lineup. There are a few comments from that time from Burrows and the Sedins regarding the lack of professionalism from the youngsters in terms of their work habits. McCann was also buoyed even more at the start due to the brief instant success he had at the NHL level. It is my opinion but we did a disservice rushing the two of them in the NHL. We have seen Jake mature before our eyes and all I am saying is that McCann could have as well. I just disagree with calling him a "POS" when we know little about his character, which is why I try to avoid making personal comments about players.


I prefer ON's argument much better which deals with McCann's actual play. Until McCann proves himself to be decisively better than many of the wingers already on this team, his loss is not all that important. If I am not wrong we traded a pick, which had we kept we would have selected Jonathan Dahlen who we later picked up in the Burrows trade. So assuming we already had Dahlen, we could have gotten another asset from Ottawa or another team. 


What we kept: Gudbranson + Cole Candella

What we could have had: McCann + asset for Burrows (likely a 2nd round pick or equivalent prospect)


I would take Gudbranson but ask me again if McCann ever takes that step like JB prophesied. 

Yep, Benning did say that they had there eyes on Dahlen in the draft and was why they wanted him in the Burrows trade.  Had canucks already had Dahlen it makes you what else canucks could have acquired in the Burrows trade. 


Regardless had we taken Dahlen or someone else, that 2nd round pick (33rd overall) was a huge piece as that year it was loaded with high end talent.  Kyrou went 35th, Hajek when 37th, DeBrincat went 39th,  Kuokkanen went 43rd, Girard went 47th.  And that’s ignoring guys like Dahlen, Dube, Raddysh, Hronek, Hart, Clague, Gamble and Krys all sprinkled within that 2nd round. 


And while Mccann isn’t a main stay in the Panthers top 6, it’s not as if his play has been bad.  He’s centering the 3rd line with between Brouwer and Malgin.  He’d be an upgrade on our roster compared to say someone like Granlund. 


Mccann is 47.2% in the draw, Granlund only has 44.2%

Mccann had 15 points in 36 games (.42p/pg), Granlund only has 14 points in 39 games (.36p/pg)

Sure he has higher ozone starts while playing 5on5 but Granlund gets more PP time than Mccann

While his corsi at 48.9% isn’t that great, it’s better than Granny’s 45.7%

And one thing I think people seem to forget in all of this is McCann is only 22 years old. 


I do agree that long term with Petty, Bo and Guadette he wouldn’t have a spot on our team and I expect that Panthers might be shopping him in the near future when BJugstad returns to the lineup

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