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[Proposal] Tanev to Arizona

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9 minutes ago, J.R. said:

The market for LGK D is not the same as the market for the rest of the league's D.


It will also soon cease to be even their market at the beginning of the year after the LGK have traded/waived etc whoever they're going to move to get down to an official roster.


Then even their D will go back up to 'normal' value.

To a degree.


But this proposal is up & on suggestion now. But forgetting the market, considering Vegas and all its excess guys creating an over-supply;


Hjalmarsson is arguably better than Tanev. He has three rings as a top 4 defender. Hjalmmy attracted Connor Murphy and Laurent Daughin. A perfectly good D but far from spectacular 1st round asset. And a Brendan Gaunce, perhaps a tier behind, type 24-year-old just making his way to the NHL. This even with Arizona holding leverage. As Chicago had to clear cap. 


Maybe, hopefully, all the market forces won't be against us, will work for us at the deadline?

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1 minute ago, Canuck Surfer said:

Maybe, hopefully, all the market forces won't be against us, will work for us at the deadline?



I tend to agree, there's no move (or need for a move) RIGHT NOW. Tanev or otherwise.


After the season starts and LGK have traded or lost whoever they're going to trade/lose/waive? At the TDL? Cup contender gets a key injury?


Well, then we'll see.

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1 hour ago, Canuck Surfer said:

The market for Tanev probably will not bear Joseph & a first?




Now Tanev is younger than Methot. Arguably better. But Marc is not the only D man who has attracted a lower return than Taylor Hall since the Larsen trade took place.


This was pointed out to me in another thread. And I have since accepted it.

I am not disagreeing with you......but I wonder how much we are trying to split hairs here............


Travis Hamonic got 1st and 2nd's, and I think that is close to a 1st and Joseph........


But lets take it a step further into the rabbit hole.......who is better., Hamonic or Tanev


I say the stats say Tanev are.............


He was on a weaker team, and the dynamics are that the Canucks just don't keep the puck much


But in saying all that................


I would take the Hamonic deal for Tanev....insisting on the first being unprotected.....so 1 -1st and 2 - 2nds (Schenn is just a cash dump) but I would give up the 4th rounder too!


But I think you and I are splitting hairs........you are as right as I am......very close, don't you think?


If Arizona wants someone else.....they should go for it......I just think Tanev fits (Talent wise)

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PS...Methot isn't either Hamonic or Tanev.............so that is why I talked about Hamonic.........plus the circumstances were different and LVK kinds out foxed themselves a little.

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On 24/08/2017 at 0:18 PM, janisahockeynut said:

Maybe someone else would like to chime in on this........


My view was that they have added Derek Stephan, Niklas Hjalmarsson, and Antti Raanta, which in it's self makes them stronger............


I don't have the same high opinion of Mike Smith


And the addition of Tanev would really solidify the defense..................


The addition of Hjalmarsson and Tanev on defense and the maturing of their young forwards and Stephan


I think makes them a much better team......................


How much better? I don't know, but I think they start climbing out of their hole.......


I think they do anyways.......maybe they sign Fransen as well.....they have the cap  space

I think Arizona is one of the most improved teams in the league. I wasn't high on Smith either and I think Raanta will be good for them. They made a couple of other good acquisitions and they have a lot of prospects either improving or ready to make the jump. Pacific will be a tough division but I think they have a chance 

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