Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Kings Sept. 16th 2:00pm

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6 minutes ago, SILLY GOOSE said:

He's turning over the puck alot this game, and doesnt quite have the strength yet to not get knocked off the puck.  But he's a young guy so I dont see why people are so stressed if he does need a bit more development time.


I'm warming up to Goldy this game as well.  I dont care if he doesnt play physical at all just as long as he pursues the puck and back checks hard, which he has been doing

I've got no real beef with any of our prospects, and I agree that if they all don't make the team it's just because they need a little salt in the AHL for a bit. We all know we'll be getting to see call-ups anyways this year.


And Boeser scores as I type this :lol:

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