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It's the DJ.

If you want people to chant and sing like they do at soccer games. Stop having the DJ interrupt with the wonderful stylings of 'Cotton Eyed Joe' etc... Can't even get a good 'REFS YOU SUCK!' chant going (Vancouver fans will happily take part in) without being drowned out by some cheesy over played track.


When the Southsiders showed up they were all like...."Come on!, Come on Vancooooover!, We're together, Supporting you tonig.. (DJ) ///// KILLING IN THE NAME OF!!!....MAKE SOME NOISE!! :picard:


And yes, Van fans can be a bit reserved( cough, cough...lame, cough , cellphone) and the Rogers staff are boring too. But another factor is the newer buildings are designed for concerts as well as sports. They don't want the sound bouncing around, reverberating, so they build them with dead acoustics.

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