Elite Keeper League 2018-2019 - TRADE DEADLINE February 26th at 8PM PST/11PM EST

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2 hours ago, Patrick Kane said:

Big 44 point night.

Nice to see you around, PK! 

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Western Conference Update



147.5 CHI.png.87cd655ff5e4c86fe65bb96c0b0caf37.png  @Patrick Kane VS  CGY.png.f17a0708ffb0fadcf13cfd8b84a5a8a7.png @BM24 126.5

127.5 DAL.png.ab840499c9ac5959e0c86000ced8a3e8.png @Drouin VS  STL.png.4af64d561f1074ceb4380fdfc4cc7c0e.png @*VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS* 98.5


104.5AZ.png.aad04622960b31c662a2b023bcc695e2.png @Primal Optimist  VS  VAN.png.ff0356a938035818285e0d0638ef4347.png @Jaku 93

0EDM.png.f27abc1bb2a887b078365f8dc45b62f1.png @Ilya Kovalchuk.  VS  SJS.png.b3bc663bc071297c6fa944a39bb49799.png  @_arby_18 62.5


Eastern Conference



84PIT.png.1b875631cbfa9d52ba662cfae0d6ed41.png @Caboose VS   BUF.png.125c3cfcd30ddbf44351bda5314f3844.png @gmen81 62

169NJD.png.437bbb15def851b67f05e2abe2852d82.png @WalkWithElias40  VS   PHI.png.f839c8dd7366542dccf97c02a87ca671.png @Mr.Miyagi 82.5


85 BOS.png.43fc07d482af676e75e3c8794b1cc12d.png @Dion Phaneuf VS  TOR.png.2452e7e951edfdb8c1de101ba1c1c494.png @Art Vandelay 92

146 DET.png.4a4f20a0cc4b057e9c0ea078027adfb2.png @canucklax VS  MTL.png.35c2a869fb8be7c37925d397bc4238b6.png @Mike Vanderhoek 91

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Really need a good night from the boys to shore up the crumbling lead...my guess is tonight is almost a perfect wash...roughly ten points each in total, but that doesn't exactly help us over the long haul..can we tick up a few points in the gap? Heres lookin at you, Kaner. do your thing. 

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