NHL Draft 2019 - Tickets

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2 hours ago, MattJVD said:

It would be nice if they'd print names on single game/event tickets and check ID to ensure it matches at the gate, like an airline. 

Obviously not for regular season tickets for season ticket holders though, who actually has the time to go to 41 games per year?



I get the pecking order, but the numbers surprise and disappoint me. Some seats are taken out for the stage and media platform, that leaves us with what, 17,500 seats? Maybe 6,000 of those (on the high end) for players and families, 1,500 for sponsors, clubs, etc. Do 9,800 season ticket holders really want to go the draft? I thought there would be a few thousand upper bowl tickets available today.

Probably 12,000 seats after u minus the seats behind the stage.  Then at least 50% of tickets to sponsors and players and family. Not much left really

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18 minutes ago, DonaldBrashear said:


I am shocked at how high ticket prices are on resale sites. They soared on stubhub. Minimum price is now $150 US a ticket and there's hardly any for sale.


There's just not enough seats. Only like 1/2 the arena is filled (because of the way it is setup) and tons of tickets are reserved for media, and families.

Prices make no sense.  Glad I grabbed some tickets.  $150 a ticket works out to about $500 Canadian for a pair.  You could go to 5-6 actual games for that price.

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seider all the way if he finishes this tourney off strong, I was huge seider fan before the injury, he reminds me of chara in a way, I like him way better than broberg, broberg, not very physical for 6'3, and seider seems like he has better offensive upside, bonus he is RHD, I like Krebs and boldy too

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