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(Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

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EP 40 gets 25g 35a and the Calder


Bo Struggles


BB Struggles in the first half. Still gets 30g


Demko plays a few and really starts to shine


Canucks second worst record in the league and win the lottery.



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  • Canucks will finish bottom-5 in the league
  • Bo Horvat will lead the team in points
  • Brock Boeser will lead the team in goals
  • Elias Pettersson will lead the team in assists
  • Chris Tanev will have the highest +/-
  • Antoine Roussel will lead the team in penalty minutes
  • Brock Boeser will lead the team in shots on goal

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Horvat cracks 70 points.


Canucks finish last, and finally have draft lottery luck to win 1st overall for the home town draft.


Sabres and Coyotes make the playoffs. 


Leafs lose in round 1. 


Oilers and Jets lose round 2. 


Other Canadian teams miss.


Tampa beats LA for the cup.


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Palmu makes the lineup before Christmas - scores 2 goals in first game

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- Team finishes 5th in Pacific, 21st overall, missing playoffs.

- Canucks power play finishes 3rd overall

- Pettersson wins Calder Trophy

- Demko has a great season in Utica

- Comets lose in their conference finals.

- Boeser stays healthy and finishes with 73 points

- Horvat finishes with 56 points

- Pettersson has a great rookie season and finishes with 79 points

- Vancouver gets the 3rd overall pick

- I am wrong on every prediction

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- Boeser goes through a slump and moves off Horvats line. Ends up with about 25 goals and 55 points

- EP breaks the 50 point mark, finishes 2nd in calder voting

- Horvat is the teams leading scorer, hits 65 pts. 

- Goldy is a mainstay in the top 6, hits 20 goals. 

- Loui gets to 15 and 40 points

- Hutton has an ok season, get to 25-30 pts

- Virtanen stagnates again. Ends up with a 25 point season


- Baertschi, MDZ, traded at the deadline, both for picks. 

- Nilsson gets waived at some point during the year


- Gaunce gets called up and keeps his spot. Gaudette gets a brief look as well. 

- Juolevi gets called up in January, spends the rest of the year in the NHL

- Demko struggles in the AHL this year. 


- Vancouver is really really bad. They finish 30th in the league, winning the draft lottery. 

- There is at least one loud Fire Benning chant at the end of the year

- Benning does indeed get fired, and the next GM begins his era with Jack Hughes 


- St. Louis vs Calgary in the West Finals

- Pittsburgh vs Boston in the East FInals

- St. Louis wins the Stanley Cup. 

- McDavid DOESNT win the art ross. 

- Crosby hits 100 points again


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Donald Trump gets accused of groping a man in a highly inappropriate way! 


Also known as "Reserved" :P

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well after seeing the players in penticton

recent training camp

and the ongoing preseason

it is clear the youth is not ready and this team will suck

at least in terms of point production

but they likely will be a bit more entertaining to watch

as hope always elevates watchability


no firm predictions as most will just seem too negative


team will finish with less points then last season

will draft at a higher slot

brock will be a marked man but will prevail

just won't hit 40 goals

somewhere between that and 30

bo will show steady improvement and development

(petterson will be good.. just not brilliant.. as he adapts to being an nhl center)

nah, after last night's game, i am amending my petterson comment

he will be brilliant, he is adapting very quickly to being an nhl center, and his defensive prowess in that role is outstanding, the offense will click once his teammates adapt to him, they are just not thinking the game at his level presently

and really. the only surprise is that motte makes the club, sticks, and proves he belongs


juolevi will play 25 nhl games

hughes will get into about 6 or 7

demko will get 5 games


tanev and mdz gone at the tdl

i'm really hoping we move one other dman as well .. maybe hutton

along with at least one forward... maybe 2

gagner and sutter seem most likely

but maybe some team might want granlund

and one of either goldobin or leipsic departs


post tdl dahlen and guadette are promoted if they have not been earlier

i think palmu as well if enough veteran bodies are moved


so how about them comets

that will be a nice/fun team to watch

the thought of subscribing to their games is appealing


so all in all

pretty weak post

vague and bleh

wish i had stronger positive feelings

just gonna leave it at this as i don't want to dump all over the team

when the season is just about to start

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Assuming everyone were to remain healthy..


Boeser- 21 goals- 43 points

Horvat- 23 goals- 54points

Pettersson- 22 goals- 51 points

Baer- 18 goals- 40 points

Sutter- 15 goals- 33 points

Gagne- 14 goals- 32 points

Eriksson- 13 goals- 30 points

Edler- 13 goals- 28 points

Granlund- 13 goals- 25 points

Tanev- 6 goals, 23 points

Pouliot- 10 goals- 22 points

Stetcher- 9 goals- 21 points



I think there are some other guys too...


- Finish with roughly 60 points.

- Pettersson gets Calder nomination, but doesn't win. Plays center all year, except on the PP.

- Boeser struggles in his second season. Never quite finds the form he had last year.

- Hughes goes back to college.

- Dahlen starts in Utica, gets a few games with the big club when injuries hit.

- Gaudette starts in Utica, gets called up midway through the season when the injury bug hits, stays 'till the end of the season.

- Juolevi starts in Utica, like Gaudette, is called up partways through the season. 


That's all I got for now.




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Opening Night Roster



Baer Bo Boeser

Granlund Pettersson Sutter

Eriksson Gaudette Virtanen

Rousell Beagle Schaller

Leipsic Goldobin


Hutton Tanev

Stecher Edler

Del Zotto Guddy


Goldobin will have stolen a spot from one of Granlund or Eriksson by the end of the season. Likely Eriksson. Juolevi outplays Pouliot during preseason but becasue he is waiver eligible, he'll be sent to Utica. First call-up when a member of the D-corps is injured. Will stay up the rest of the season as the Canucks move from carrying 7 D to carrying 8 D. One of the vets (Granlund, Eriksson) is sacrificed. Gagner placed on waivers or trade at the start of the year. 


Player Performance

Virtanen with 18 goals

Boeser with 33 and 35

Bo with 29 and 35

Stetcher has a breakthrough season offensively but in general there is very little contribution from the Canucks' back-end. We see Sautner, McEneny, and one of Chatfield/Brisebois all see some action due to injuries.




Tanev traded at the deadline to the Leafs for a late first-round pick. No takers on Del Zotto.




Canucks finish second last in the West. 26th of 31 but lots of optimism for 2019-2020. 



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Pettersson puts up 31 goals and 65 points.

Boeser has a 55-60 point season.

Horvat with 60 points (25-35)

Virtanen scores 20 goals 10ish assists.

We miss the playoffs.

Quinn Hughes comes in near the end of the year and gets a string of points.

Pick top 10 in 2019 draft.



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I'm a little hesitant considering how off I was last season :lol:


Prone to change barring any more moves:


- Boeser hits 35 goals

- Horvat cracks 60 points

- Baertschi finally pots 20

- Grandlund bounces back a bit, gets around 12 goals, looks better

- Pettersson nets about 40 points

- Stecher takes a big step this year, solidifies himself as a top 4.

- Hutton is gone before the trade deadline.

- Demko usurps Nilsson as the back up by the end of the season.

- Markstrom is a lot more consistent this year, but still not starter material. 

- Edler is moved at the deadline.

- Gaunce starts the year in the AHL

- Eriksson experiences a small revival, hits 20 goals

- Beagle and Roussell do alright. Not spectacular, but okay.

- The Canucks still miss the playoffs, but don't finish in the bottom 5. 

- Hughes destroys the NCAA this year. Fans get hyped.

- Gaudette will start as our 3C.

- Tanev stays

- Calgary and Edmonton both make the playoffs.

- Ottawa, Carolina, and Montreal finish in the bottom 3.

- Winnipeg and Toronto top their divisions.

- The Pacific division will be relatively weak. The Atlantic will be a juggernaut. 

- The Jets go all the way this year.

- Washington gets curb stomped in round 1.

- Pittsburgh bows out early as well.

- Boston shocks the East and goes to the final.

- Toronto still won't solve their D problem. 

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