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virtanen has monster season with 30 goals 35 assists , Boesor 50 goals 45 assists, horvat 30 goals 30 assists .

oilers beat leafs for the cup,

announced   at beginning of season that Florida will relocate to quebec next year

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I was going to project us near a wild card spot until our schedule came out. With our travel and a tough schedule, I see us at around the 25 spot with 6 teams lower than us. I kept up and downing on being close to a wild card!! I think it actually comes down to our goal-tending. Can Ian Clark raise the level of Markstrom and Nilsson enough to make that difference. Probably by later in the season just in time to mess with our draft position.


After coming back from his 1st injury, Eriksson had 5 goals and 5 assists in 10 games before moving to the checking line. With the acquisition of our ufas, he will be used in a more offensive role. I can see him around 50 pts or more. Pettersson with 10 more points than Loui.


Boeser and Horvat will see the top defenders all season long. The book is out on Boeser shooting high most times. I think he will have to start shooting over the pads more to match last seasons output. 35 goals and 27 assists for Brockstar. 28 goals and 41 assists for Horvat. 25 goals and 32 assists for Baertschi.


Sutter and Beagle are outstanding as shutdown players. Our pk is better by a fair margin.


Goldobin grows a pair and actually engages in board battles and even wins a couple. He even goes to the net front without the puck at least four times this season. Leipsic finally realizes that it's a team game and starts passing to his line mates before he runs out of room. Dare to dream.


If all of our forwards commit to team defense, I can see our defenders having a better season.


The whiners will continue to whine even though we are moving in the right direction. Media hacks will still look for whining angles and the local whiners will perpetuate them on CDC

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Pettersson leads team in Assists with 45

Boeser scores 30 goals

Horvat hits 60 points for team lead


Canucks finish 27th in the league. Get a top 3 lottery pick.


Canucks trade Edler, Del Zotto, Nilsson, Sutter


Juolevi plays 40 games

Gaudette plays 40 games

Demko plays 15 games

Dahlen plays 30 games


So basically the Canucks suck but the kids take positive steps

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I went 4/4 last year (though they were on the conservative side). Let’s see if I can repeat:


Pettersson records a 4 point game at least once.


Pettersson wins the Calder.


Canucks fall just short of the playoffs.


Canucks finally win a lottery pick but not 1st overall.

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Alright this is my first time getting out my Crystal Ball here so here she goes...


My prediction is that it’s going to be another tough year (as to be expected at this point in the rebuild). We are going to have a tough time scoring, even though the young guns will show flashes of brilliance as they develop and give us hope for the future.


I predict Boeser will have a sophomore slump before rebounding near the end of the year. Under 20 goals this year and under 40 points (but hope I’m wrong). 


The offensive star for us this season will be Pettersson. He will be in contention for the Calder this year, even though we will not be a high scoring team (overall). I’m predicting between 20-30 goals and roughly 80 points.  He will be our reason for tuning in. 


Horvat will continue to come into his own as a top 6 two-way forward and future Captain of this team. Roughly 60 points this season.  The team will play with 3 Alternates this year, but Bo will be wearing the “C” by the start of next season. 


The defence and goaltending is basically unchanged which means we will have quite a high goals against. I predict a lot of swearing at the television this season. Time to stock up on Whisky and Beer. 


We will be out of contention by Christmas and fans will be calling for all Veterans and pending UFAs to be traded for picks or prospects in the name of Asset Management. Only 1 or 2 will be traded. Fans will be disappointed but the rebuild marches on as planned. Vets will shelter the youths, and the youths will earn their spots when they are ready. 


Bottom line is we will be looking at another bottom 5 finish. Between 60-70 points. Still 2-3 years away from contending for a playoff spot. 5-6 away from Stanley Cup contention.


It will happen.

Trust Benning.

Trust the plan. 

Go Canucks Go!

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July post -

.. One thing I've lately enjoyed is seeing(Capfriendly) how low we are down the list of teams(currently 20th; being July 10th) for total cap-hit. Been so long we've been stuck near the top(despite losing lots), as the fallout of our top-end yrs. I'm interested whether we weaponize some of that AAV space, with our surplus of bodies, as well as an upcoming draft to host. Let's get 12~14 picks for next June!


- Oct 1st prediction: 27th OA finish(14th in west); roster not finalized quite yet..don't matter(great, waived Gags!)


Okay, seems like slim-pickins, this yr.


Pts leader: Bo with 65

EP: 57 pts(25 & 32)

Brock: 32 goals

Jake: 21 snipes

Goldy also bags 25




Markstrom ends up .916, 2.50 GAA 3 SO's(pretty solid season, all considered)

Nilsson(20 games) .904, 2.90 GAA(then it's later alligator)


- Big trades? Near TDL, Edler & Sutter. Gaining an extra 1st & 2nd for home draft(& some more decent pieces)

- Gaudette plays half a season in bigs. Emerging in spring with a nicely rounded-out game

- Utica makes final-4. Demko has an excellent yr. He comes up to stay, late-season

- Our best D to close out season? In order: Tanev, Hutton, OJ, Sautner

- Man games lost: 250


The upswing waits 'til next yr.

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Written on Oct 1st:


The short version: team likely finishes 20-25th in the league.  MDZ traded at TDL.  Boeser drops off with a sophomore slump for part of the season.  Pettersson excels but isn't enough to carry the team to anything higher in the standings.  Goldobin and Virtanen establish themselves as regulars


In depth version:


As with last year, I'll work from the net out.  Last season, the tandem of Markstrom/Nilsson was an unknown quantity.  Well, they're not anymore.  If the late-season version of Markstrom is what we'll get most nights, then the Canucks will be 'just OK' in that regard.  But I'll be cringing on nights where Nilsson gets the cage.


The league's worst d-corps might modestly improve somewhat; I only say this because Hutton looks to be better than he was (although that's a rather low bar) and Green seemed to be on to something with the Edler/Gudbrandson pairing (assuming he puts them back together again on a regular basis).  MDZ is almost certainly to be traded at the TDL and I can see Juolevi being given a shot (assuming he does well in Utica) to take his spot once he's gone.  I admittedly have a very low opinion of Pouliot; if he slots in regularly into the lineup for any reason, things will be bad in the Canucks dzone.


Up front, it's going to be strange without the twins.  Last season, I was cautiously optimistic about Boeser and he exceeded expectations; this season, I'm a little worried about a sophomore slump for Boeser.  I'm less cautious about my optimism around Pettersson; from what I've seen, this kid is a legit playmaking star in the making and I like his defensive effort and smarts when he doesn't have the puck.  I have high hopes for Virtanen, in that I'm hoping he not only plays like he did towards the end of last season, but builds on it.  He might not be an impact player on the scoresheet, but I hope he's an impact player when it comes to hitting on the forecheck.  And the Canucks will NEED him to play that way since there really isn't anyone else on the forwards group who is capable of dishing out some hits (perhaps Roussel, but he's yet to play as I write this)


There does seem to be less question marks about the roster this season than last year, in that there aren't any Rodins or Burmistrovs in the system.  Goldobin has shown that he's at least trying on the defensive side of the puck and I think he might improve at that so he's less of a liability and therefore becomes a regular top-6 forward.


I see no reason why the perennial injury onslaught won't happen again and I think during this time, we'll get to see where the likes of Gaudette and Juolevi are in their progression.


The biggest wildcard could be the coaching.  It's worth noting that last season, the Canucks did surprisingly well at the start of the season before injuries hit and that was with the twins playing minimal minutes.  It *is* possible that Green could once again have the Canucks play above how the roster looks on paper again; it is equally possible that Green also goes through his own sophomore slump since he won't be taking anyone by surprise this year.  I'll hedge my bets and not count it as a factor.


Don't think the Canucks are close to being a playoff team this year, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.  Maybe next year.



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Petterson wins rookie of the year with a 25-55 season


Hughes makes the team to start the season 


Canucks finish third from bottom and win first overall pick


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1. Horvat cracks 60 points.

2. Pettersson and Hughes both make the lineup, Pettersson gets 50 points, Hughes gets 30.

3. Eriksson breaks 20 goals.

4. Demko gets 25 games after Nilsson is dealt.

5. Gagner is traded. 

6. Boeser gets 35 goals.

7. Baer and Virt both get 40 points. Virt gets 20 goals.

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The last game of the year we win on a PP goal by Brock from Elias that squeaks us into the playoffs, one point ahead of Calgary in the standings and pushing them out. We beat Arizona in round 1 only to lose to winnipeg in round 2. 


Loui asks to be traded after the pre season when no real fit is found for him with any different/ new linemates. 

Elias scores 65 points, but doesn't win the Calder because Dahlin and the eastern bias. 

That's all I've got for now for specific predictions. 

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My Predictions:


Canucks position: 8-13

Most Points: Brock Boeser

Most Goals: Brock Boeser

Most Assists: Bo Horvat

Best +/-: Chris Tanev

Goalies: Markstrom - 2.72, 90.9% - (52 GP) | Nilsson gets waived until December (9 GP) and Demko w/ 2.68, 91,2% (21 GP)

Best FO %:  Jay Beagle 52% +

Most hits: Tim Schaller, Jake Virtanen (round about) 120 hits 

Most PIM: Antoine Roussel 140 PIM (round about)

Most TOI: Bo Horvat

Biggest surprise: Nikolay Goldobin


Babe Pratt Trophy: Alex Edler

Cyclone Taylor Trophy: Bo Horvat

Cyrus H. McLean Trophy:  Brock Boeser

Fred J. Hume Award: Antoine Roussel

Molson Cup: Bo Horvat

Pavel Bure Most Exciting Player Award: Elias Pettersson


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Canucks finish last. Lose the lottery.....Benning is fired......Brian Burke is hired and pulls off a trade for first overall and we draft Jack Hughes.

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1. Boeser will score 43 goals and finish 3rd in goals scored in the NHL.

2. Boeser will be one of 3 Canucks to finish with 60 + points and one of two to finish with 70+ points. I'm going to say 72 points. (43 goals, 29 assists)

3. Elias Pettersson will have an unreal rookie season. He will be in the running for the Calder. He will be second in scoring on the Canucks with 70 points (22 goals, 48 assists) 

4. Bo Horvat will be the third member of the Canucks to break the 60 point plateau with 63 points (27 goals, 36 assists). 

5. Olli Juolevi will only play 20 games for the Canucks. The rest of the year will be in Utica. 

6. Quinn Hughes will also be in Utica for most of the season. He will play 35 games for the Canucks.

7. Tanev gets traded.

8. Baertschi gets traded.


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1. Olli Juolevi begins the year in Utica but finishes on the Canucks

2. Jake Virtanen has a great year and finishes with 40+ points

3. Quinn Hughes wins the Hobey Baker Award

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I thought for sure this summer a lot of the draft picks would be competing for spots and that's why the Sedins retired. But after this pre-season I'm having a bit of reservations. I thought we wouldn't be as bad as everyone thought we were gonna be, but now I'm beginning think we actually may be worse. Maybe it's because our defense is atrocious but perhaps some of our mid range forwards aren't that good either.

Aside from Bo, Pettersson, and Baertschi, the play this pre-season was alarming. 

I think we finish 30th this season: Highlights are;

Pettersson has a good year and notches 17 goals and 33 assists for 50 pts

Boeser scores 24 goals this season and scores 44 points 

Bo breaks out and gets 65 points and 25 goals


Team sort of gets it together in the end of March and Early April.

We go after a big name defenseman (Myers, or Karlsson if he doesn't re-sign in sjs) in the off season or try to coax Tryamkin back.

We draft 3rd O/A and select Kakko or Byram

29-40-13-   71 points

Hughes comes and plays 4 games and scores 1 goal and gets 2 assists. 


I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not expecting a lot this season.


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Canucks are the worst team in the league, and drop to 2nd overall in the draft.

Pettersson scores 19 goals and 26 assists.

Boeser scores 27 goals.

Virtanen "breaks out" and scores 40 points

Maple Leafs don't make it past round two.

Tampa Bay finally wins a Stanley Cup, defeating the San Jose Sharks in the process.

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