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(Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

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My Predictions: 


For Canucks:

-Bo is named Captain

-Canucks have a slow start but then mesh and continually gain momentum through the rest of the season. 

-Most players have a career year as they fight to maintain their positions. 

-Canucks make or miss the playoffs by two points. 

-We do not win the draft lottery (If Eligible)

-The games are exciting and uptempo. Questionable defense and goal tending makes the games close.

-Benning makes three trades. One trade is for a defensemen to steady our back end and involves a prospect over rated by many. Each trade causes CDC to erupt in typical fashion

-We get one extra pick for the 2019 draft

-Benning goes off the board with his first round pick


Other teams:

-Flames miss the playoffs

-Sens miss the playoffs

-Knights miss the playoffs

-Canadiens miss the playoffs

-Leafs can once again do no wrong

-Oilers make the playoffs

-Jets make the playoffs

-Capitals get eliminated in the first round


I know preseason was bad but I believe the team will be much better than most expect. Here's hoping they prove me right!

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On 2018-10-01 at 8:28 AM, Salacious Crumb said:


Is industry the same as injury?

After further review, they are indeed NOT the same. 


@cory40 had a tough night? Definitely hope I’m wrong about the, injury.  Just based on probability as players key in on him and take liberties.  


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Better get this in before tomorrow.


Canucks will finish last in the Pacific

Canucks will be second last in the league securing the 4th overall pick

Bo will have a steady season.  55 points. 

Brock will take a step back but still finish with 20 goals

Sven will be traded before year end

Jake will still be a deer in the headlights still scoring 12 goals and 12 assists

EP will have a strong start but fade down the stretch. Finish with 50 points

Defense will be the same as last year and not produce much offence unless trade brings in others. 

Hutton won’t be with the team at year end

Guddy will spend time on injury list 

OJ will be called up after about 2 months and perform adequately 

Goaltending will be bad.  


Hopefully i I am wrong but my expectations for this year are low still. Bring on 2020/21


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Canucks to get 65 points or less, finish 31/31.


Pettersson to score 25-50-75

Brock to get 35 goals

One of Virtanen and Goldy to look like top 6.


D-core remains the worst in the league 

OJ to come up full time after Tanev traded in January.


Lukas Jasek to be top scorer on Comets and get an extended look at the NHL level by end of year.


Debut of QH after college season.

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Normally I'm an optimistic voice and last season I genuinely felt the Canucks could challenge for the wild card if healthy.  This year I'm sadly expecting a dumpster fire of a season especially looking at how the team played in the pre-season.  I feel we will finish 30th in the league but there will be some highlights this season including the Canucks beating the leafs at home and drafting #1 to bring Jack Hughes to Vancouver to play with his brother.  Part of me hopes I'm wrong and we sneak into the playoffs this year but I don't see it happening with our current lineup.

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Canucks wind up last in the division and another bottom five team overall

Bo and Brock struggle a bit more this season with opponents keying in on them even more

Roughly 26-33 goals for Brock and 20-34 assists

24-27 goals for Bo and 30-33 assists

Elias blows everyone away and wins the Calder

Edler re-signs with the team at some point during the year

Gaudette finishes the year with the Canucks

Juolevi plays 10-14 games as a Canuck thanks to injuries


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Canucks 5 predictions:

1. Elias wins the Calder

2. The team struggles mightly, but Horvat proves the glue that keeps the team together. He is given the C in February.

3. Edler is traded before the deadline.

4. OJ comes up due to injuries and plays steady hockey. He reminds us of Edler, but he shows the promise of being more gifted offensively. Makes us excited to see him and Hughes on the PP in the following year. Steady and reliable paired with a future star. 

5. Virtanen nearly doubles his point production over last year, but proves even more valuable as the muscle in defense of his young team mates. He is awarded the A for a few games in recognition.

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Canucks Predictions

Goldy leads team in goals scored through until December. Ends with 25. Brock starts slow but ends with 30

Puck Luck sees the team win the home opener against the flames. A high point as we miss the playoffs and finish with the 5th worst record in the league

Elias scores at a regular rate and tops 60 points. Misses out on Calder 

Bo leads team in scoring with a 70 point season

MDZ, Edler and Gagner traded during season for underwhelming returns centered mainly around "B" prospects

Dahlen, Juolevi and Gaudette each play 30+ games for the Canucks


Rest of NHL

Surprise teams to miss playoffs - Sharks, Predators and Lightning

Surprise teams to make playoffs - Sabres, Coyotes, Canadiens

Calder - Mittelstadt (matches EP for points but gets playoff boost)



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I think this will be the worst Canuck team ever assembled

We will compete with the likes of the 1925 Briuns for low offense and poor defense 1.6 gf - 4.0 ga

or the 2000 Thrashers, 1973 Isles Hopefully better than the 1975 Capitals.

Petterson will shine until he either gets injured or runs out of gas then gets injured.

Brock will suffer sophmore slump

Bo will become more aggitated as the losses pile up and his - soars.

This will be a season to remember ... for all the wrong reasons

50 points will be a stretch for any player and the team

4 OA next June

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Canucks begin epic slide in January-March and finish with 74 points.

Horvat and Sutter each only play 40 games.

Lippy becomes the team MVP during the final stretch when the team gets a few rookies into action. 

EP gets 30 games in before an upper body injury derails his season at only 21 points. 

Tanev gets traded for prospects.

Edler does not waive.

Demko plays 5 games. 

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46 minutes ago, 189lb enforcers? said:

Canucks begin epic slide in January-March and finish with 74 points.

Horvat and Sutter each only play 40 games.

Lippy becomes the team MVP during the final stretch when the team gets a few rookies into action. 

EP gets 30 games in before an upper body injury derails his season at only 21 points. 

Tanev gets traded for prospects.

Edler does not waive.

Demko plays 5 games. 

always the optomist... jajaja

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Think the canucks will have a rough start to the season. To be expected with all the new faces and sub par goaltending. Once team gets used to each other we will see a slight uptick in games won. Figure nucks will be 3rd or 4th worst team. 80 point season.


Elias will put up 100 points 25g 75 apples. Wins Calder.

Brock will pot 30g and 25 apples

Bo will put up 60 with a 30x30 season.

Goldobin will surprise with 18g and 25 assists.

Jake will pot 15g and 15 assists.


This will be the year canucks finally draft first over all.

Edited by Deathbyoompa
Added 80 point season

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Time to start analysing your pre-season predictions! My comments on my predictions in bold and red.


On 8/29/2018 at 5:58 PM, -AJ- said:

Reserved. I'll be back to post either during pre-season or right after it. I did remarkably well last year in this (considering the overall difficulty), so here's hoping I can do well again.



(Edited 10/01/18 for Gagner waiving)

Here we go:


2018-19 Canucks Stats Season Predictions Gagner Waive.png


Comments on my predictions:



B. Boeser – Starts off slow, but does pick it up by mid-season. Still ends the year with a notably lower points-per-game than last year, but does pass the 30-goal mark.

I was pretty close with Boeser. He scored a little less than I predicted, but got some more assists than I predicted (on a per-game basis). Ended up with more points-per-game than I predicted, but I had his trajectory throughout the season almost bang on.


B. Horvat – Becomes what most consider to be the best player on the team. Despite Boeser scoring more goals and points, Horvat’s complete game and leadership lead most fans to think of him as the team’s best player. Leads the team in scoring (both goals and points) until Boeser catches up in February.

A pretty good prediction here, but not terribly hard to predict. Bo has become a very consistent player. He actually exceeded my points-per-game prediction.


E. Pettersson – Does not disappoint in his rookie season. Becomes a key part of the powerplay and the primary setup man. Finishes 3rd in Calder voting. Leads the team in assists.

As with most, I vastly underrated Petey's skills and he far exceeded my predictions. Was correct in him leading the team in assists, but was much better in goal-scoring than I expected. He'll very likely win the Calder.

S. Baertschi – Is grateful to still remain on the first line and continues to mesh well with Horvat and Boeser. Also works well with Pettersson on the 1st PP unit. Very slightly increased offensive production compared to last year. Misses a few games due to injury.
Slightly overestimated his production, but was pretty darn close. Unfortunately didn't predict him to miss as many games as he did.


N. Goldobin – Has a somewhat breakout year. Still plays a streaky game, but shows far more consistency than years past. Also proves to be a much harder worker now.

Was very close on my predictions for Goldobin as well (in terms of points-per-game), but hasn't been able to keep up his work ethic like I predicted he would.


B. Sutter – His game suffers a bit with Beagle taking some of his role away. He shows some dissatisfaction throughout the season and frustration with his role. Still has a decent season, but not quite like his previous two years.

Was pretty far off here. I predicted he wouldn't be as good, but didn't expect him to struggle as much as he did. Injuries didn't help either.


L. Eriksson – Has a slightly worse year than last year, but still better than 2016-17. Still much maligned by fans.

Overestimated Eriksson. He was about the same as in 2016-17. Was correct on the malignment, but that's about as hard as predicting that the Earth will keep spinning.


S. Gagner –  Gets periodic call-ups and is okay, but doesn't play well enough to merit him staying in the lineup.
Pretty much bang on, though played less often than I predicted.


B. Leipsic – Settles nicely into a bottom six role and provides a much-needed spark.
Wasn't too far off in points-per-game projection, but he certain didn't settle in nicely. Point production was about the only thing I got right here.


J. Virtanen – Somewhat disappoints by not becoming the point scorer some hope. His abrasive style gets him a suspension at some point in the season and he also suffers from some injuries. His point production (per game) is still a bit up from last year. Will take tons of dumb penalties and end up with 150 PIM.
Better year than I predicted in goals, assists, and points. Also didn't get a suspension and didn't take dumb penalties.


J. Beagle – Performs as expected. Misses 11 games from minor injuries. Fans love his defense and hard work; he's basically Ryan Johnson 2.0.

A little worse offensively than I expected and missed more time from injuries.


A. Roussel – Can’t provide the offense he used to, but still provides the grit.

Provided grit like I predicted, but I was wrong on the offense. Had a career year.


T. Schaller – His 12-goal season looks like a flash in the pan, as he struggles to be noticeable on the team. He’s a healthy scratch fairly often.

I don't think I possibly could've been more accurate with this one.


D. Archibald – Gets called up due to injuries. Has good flashes, but then disappears.
Got this one right too.


B. Gaunce – Called up due to injuries and shows more offensive flair than before, but is sent down again due to competition.
Pretty much bang on, though I predicted 12 games, not 3.


M. Granlund – A similar Granlund to last year, but settles more into a defensive role.

Pretty close to getting this one right too.


A. Edler – Regresses a bit again, but not to the lows of his worst days. Still remains one of our best defensemen.
Fairly far off on this one. He didn't regress at all and actually got far better, close to the best play of his career. Won the Babe Pratt award as our best defender. More injury problems than I predicted as well.


T. Stecher – Has a big bounce back year and wins the Babe Pratt trophy because fans like to ride the hype train of young players.

Very good prediction here and almost got the Babe Pratt trophy prediction right as well, as I'm pretty certain that he was 2nd in voting.


M. Del Zotto – Starts to become a healthy scratch as he works his way into Green’s doghouse. Produces on offense, but has horrid defense.
Pretty much right, except that he couldn't even produce offense this year.


C. Tanev – Is our best defenseman, but only plays 48 games due to his annual injury woes. Leads the team in +/- with +6.

Tanev was a little worse than I predicted. Slightly worse offense and had only +3, not leading the team. Actually played a few more games than I predicted though :lol:


B. Hutton – Has a big bounce back year, but still doesn’t perform super well. A step in the right direction though.

Guessed his games played perfectly, haha. His offense is a bit better than I predicted. 


D. Pouliot – Trades healthy scratches with Del Zotto (and sometimes Hutton). Can’t provide consistent play all year long. Has flashes of offensive brilliance, but then they fade away again.

Bang on.


E. Gudbranson – Continues to be polarizing. Still can’t put up points to save his life, but provides a much-needed physical presence.

Pretty close to getting this one. Slightly more offense than I predicted because of his early-season surge.


A. Biega – Used for injury call ups. Same old Biega.

Pretty far off on this one actually. I don't think anyone predicted the offensive explosion we saw from Biega this year.



J. Markstrom – Is about the same as last year. A little more clutch in tight situations though.

Very wrong on this one. Marky was our best player this year and was a top 15 goalie in the league this year.


A. Nilsson – Just as bad, if not worse than last year. Somehow has 6 OT/SO losses in only 26 games played. Cannot be relied on in clutch situations at all.

Played even less than predicted, but was about as bad as I predicted.


T. Demko – Plays in three games near the end of the year and shows promise. Nilsson leaves via free agency in the summer and Demko is the planned replacement. Demko is also the AHL’s top goaltender.

Not super accurate on this one. Played 9 games instead of 3 and wasn't amazing in the AHL. Nilsson was traded instead of going via FA, but Demko is the planned backup for next year as of now.


Other Comments

The Killer Bs line and Pettersson are about the only exciting things about the Canucks this year as they cruise to a worse record than last year. They finish very similarly to last year with slightly worse goals for and goals against numbers.

Some right and some wrong here. Baertschi wasn't a big part of this year due to his injuries, but Bo, Boeser, and EP were the main highlights. Team was actually much better than last year. One more goal for than last year and 11 fewer goals against, mostly thanks to Markstrom's strong season.

End up finishing 29th in the league and “winning” the 5th overall pick. Fans complain about it because they don't understand lottery odds.
Finished 23rd in the league and are most likely to get the 9th pick, though the 10th pick is very possible as well. If we drop to 10th, I'm sure there will be complaints, though more merited this time, since we're actually most likely to actually get 9th this time.


The team is plagued by injuries as only Brandon Sutter plays all 82 games and only three players play 80 or more games.
Right in a general sense, but horribly wrong is the specific sense. Sutter only played 26 games. Only 2 players played 80 or more games, those being Eriksson (81 games) and Horvat (82 games).


Utica makes the playoffs but is eliminated in the 2nd round.

Wrong here. Utica collapsed once we took all their good players. Go figure.


Canucks special teams are solid, but 5-on-5 is brutally bad. Powerplay finishes 12th in the league and Penalty Kill finishes 15th.

Gaudette, Palmu, Dahlen, and Juolevi are left in the AHL despite fans clamouring for them to get an NHL shot.

Kind of off here as well. Powerplay wasn't very good, but PK was better than predicted. 5-on-5 wasn't as bad as predicted. None of the four players I predicted were really craved much by fans: Gaudette was in the NHL for most of the season, Palmu didn't last in Utica, Dahlen was decent, but traded, Juolevi was good, but injured.


The Canucks go with three alternates for the year in Horvat, Edler, and Sutter. They’ll name Horvat the captain at the start of 2019-20.
Almost perfect. Only change is that they also had Tanev as an alternate. We'll see about Horvat as captain, but I think it's highly likely.


TSN has articles all year about how badly the Canucks are rebuilding. The Leafs are knocked out in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
Not as much of this as I predicted, likely because we're actually improving. In a similar vein, however, many fans want Benning gone since they think he's taking too long to improve the team (or something like that). We'll see about the Leafs. I have a feeling they could go deep actually.


Green starts to become disliked by fans, just like what happens to every coach in history.

Called it.

Overall, I think I did pretty well again this year with my predictions. I love doing this kind of stuff, so thanks @Canorth for setting it up!

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This is fun:

189lb enforcers?

Canucks First-Line

  • 189lb enforcers?
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Canucks begin epic slide in January-March and finish with 74 points.

Horvat and Sutter each only play 40 games.

Lippy becomes the team MVP during the final stretch when the team gets a few rookies into action. 

EP gets 30 games in before an upper body injury derails his season at only 21 points. 

Tanev gets traded for prospects.

Edler does not waive.

Demko plays 5 games. 

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Posted (edited)
On 7/9/2018 at 8:39 PM, HC20.0 said:

I'm a little hesitant considering how off I was last season :lol:


Prone to change barring any more moves:


- Boeser hits 35 goals - Nope

- Horvat cracks 60 points - Atta boy Bo!

- Baertschi finally pots 20 - I feel like he would have had he stayed healthy, but sadly nope.

- Grandlund bounces back a bit, gets around 12 goals, looks better - Got this one right on the nose!

- Pettersson nets about 40 points. - Well, he definitely hit more than 40!

- Stecher takes a big step this year, solidifies himself as a top 4. - I'd say this one came to pass. Stech had a good year.

- Hutton is gone before the trade deadline. - Nope

- Demko usurps Nilsson as the back up by the end of the season. - Nailed this one.

- Markstrom is a lot more consistent this year, but still not starter material. - So happy to be wrong on the second half there!

- Edler is moved at the deadline. - Nope

- Gaunce starts the year in the AHL - Yup

- Eriksson experiences a small revival, hits 20 goals - Nope

- Beagle and Roussel do alright. Not spectacular, but okay. - Beagle was good, Roussel was excellent, so 1/2. 

- The Canucks still miss the playoffs, but don't finish in the bottom 5. - Nailed it.

- Hughes destroys the NCAA this year. Fans get hyped. - Nailed it.

- Gaudette will start as our 3C. - Nope

- Tanev stays - Yup

- Calgary and Edmonton both make the playoffs. - 1/2

- Ottawa, Carolina, and Montreal finish in the bottom 3. - 1/3

- Winnipeg and Toronto top their divisions. 0/2, nice choke job Jets.

- The Pacific division will be relatively weak. The Atlantic will be a juggernaut. - Yup on the Pacific, but overall, despite Boston and Tampa, I would say the Metro was better overall than the Atlantic this year. 1/2

- The Jets go all the way this year. - Nope

- Washington gets curb stomped in round 1. - Yup, I'm actually shocked by this one.

- Pittsburgh bows out early as well. - Yup

- Boston shocks the East and goes to the final. - TBD

- Toronto still won't solve their D problem. - Muzzin helped, but they needed more. .5/1

I was a lot closer this year than the last two seasons!

Edited by HC20.0
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Posted (edited)
On 8/1/2018 at 10:29 AM, RogersTowell said:

Canucks finish somewhere between 14th and 24th.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say 20th with 86 points.  Improved performance from last year.  5 on 5 the team is better due to a lack of Sedins and some better bottom six players on the roster.  Only EP and OJ make the team out of camp.  EP takes some time to adjust but is coming along nicely by the end of the season - 40 point season moving up and down between the top two lines.  OJ shows better in the NHL than anticipated, but it's a development year more than anything.  He turns out to be a solid contributor on the PP and works hard on improving both 5 on 5 and defensively.  Demko gets a number of call ups but Nillsson steps his game up big time and takes over starter in goal.  Some of the other young players work out well in Utica, some not so well.  The ones who do well get called up fairly regularly.


Sept. 28: Thinking more toward 24th now.  EP 50-60 points, but not so sure any more that 5 on 5 will be ay better.  OJ and Gaudette maybe a half season each.  Hutton has a better season, Stecher too.

I'm pretty satisfied with my prognostications, although I'd like to have been more wrong in a winning direction.  Pretty much nailed it on final standing, underestimated Petey a bit even after the edit.  Instead of adjusting and getting better over the season, he Peteyed out toward the end a bit, at least in goal production.  I was wrong about OJ, maybe next year.  I whiffed on Nillsson, although he seems to have to picked up his game in Ottawa.  Hutton and Stecher improved.  Gaudette stuck, but although I didn't say it I was thinking his offensive production would be up.  I have a feeling the draft lottery will be good to us by the way.


Next year will be even better.  Playoffs next.

Edited by RogersTowell
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On 7/9/2018 at 9:51 PM, Undrafted said:

Written on Oct 1st:


The short version: team likely finishes 20-25th in the league.  MDZ traded at TDL.  Boeser drops off with a sophomore slump for part of the season.  Pettersson excels but isn't enough to carry the team to anything higher in the standings.  Goldobin and Virtanen establish themselves as regulars


In depth version:


As with last year, I'll work from the net out.  Last season, the tandem of Markstrom/Nilsson was an unknown quantity.  Well, they're not anymore.  If the late-season version of Markstrom is what we'll get most nights, then the Canucks will be 'just OK' in that regard.  But I'll be cringing on nights where Nilsson gets the cage.


The league's worst d-corps might modestly improve somewhat; I only say this because Hutton looks to be better than he was (although that's a rather low bar) and Green seemed to be on to something with the Edler/Gudbrandson pairing (assuming he puts them back together again on a regular basis).  MDZ is almost certainly to be traded at the TDL and I can see Juolevi being given a shot (assuming he does well in Utica) to take his spot once he's gone.  I admittedly have a very low opinion of Pouliot; if he slots in regularly into the lineup for any reason, things will be bad in the Canucks dzone.


Up front, it's going to be strange without the twins.  Last season, I was cautiously optimistic about Boeser and he exceeded expectations; this season, I'm a little worried about a sophomore slump for Boeser.  I'm less cautious about my optimism around Pettersson; from what I've seen, this kid is a legit playmaking star in the making and I like his defensive effort and smarts when he doesn't have the puck.  I have high hopes for Virtanen, in that I'm hoping he not only plays like he did towards the end of last season, but builds on it.  He might not be an impact player on the scoresheet, but I hope he's an impact player when it comes to hitting on the forecheck.  And the Canucks will NEED him to play that way since there really isn't anyone else on the forwards group who is capable of dishing out some hits (perhaps Roussel, but he's yet to play as I write this)


There does seem to be less question marks about the roster this season than last year, in that there aren't any Rodins or Burmistrovs in the system.  Goldobin has shown that he's at least trying on the defensive side of the puck and I think he might improve at that so he's less of a liability and therefore becomes a regular top-6 forward.


I see no reason why the perennial injury onslaught won't happen again and I think during this time, we'll get to see where the likes of Gaudette and Juolevi are in their progression.


The biggest wildcard could be the coaching.  It's worth noting that last season, the Canucks did surprisingly well at the start of the season before injuries hit and that was with the twins playing minimal minutes.  It *is* possible that Green could once again have the Canucks play above how the roster looks on paper again; it is equally possible that Green also goes through his own sophomore slump since he won't be taking anyone by surprise this year.  I'll hedge my bets and not count it as a factor.


Don't think the Canucks are close to being a playoff team this year, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.  Maybe next year.



Haven't posted in a long time because of significant personal problems, but I thought I'd check in now that the season's over and remembered that I had posted early in this thread.


I actually did surprisingly well this year, yet it seems even now that the Canucks exceeded what I expected.  Even though I was correct about the injury onslaught repeating itself (not just once but twice this time), I feel that if it weren't for the second wave of injuries just after the ASG, the Canucks would've been legitimately in the WC conversation this year.  I guess I'm saying that even though they finished as low as I predicted, they still performed better than I expected.


Sadly for all involved, I was way off-the-mark with Goldobin--while he did improve somewhat, it wasn't nearly enough to earn a regular spot in the lineup.  Conversely, I was correct Gaudette getting opportunities from all the injuries and he shows the promise of being a regular NHLer at least; too bad Juolevi's injuries prevented him from getting the same opportunities to prove himself this year.


I'll conclude by saying that my concerns (even if I discounted them as a potential factor) about Green as a coach were unfounded.  And I'll also say that my expectations will be much higher when we do this all again next fall.

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Posted (edited)
On 7/9/2018 at 8:20 PM, 48MPHSlapShot said:

Assuming everyone were to remain healthy..


Boeser- 21 goals- 43 points Pretty far off considering Boes was injured for part of the season

Horvat- 23 goals- 54points Off, but not by a ton

Pettersson- 22 goals- 51 points Obviously did better than I predicted

Baer- 18 goals- 40 points  PPG production close

Sutter- 15 goals- 33 points Lol no

Gagne- 14 goals- 32 points Lol no

Eriksson- 13 goals- 30 points 2 goals and one point off, so I'll consider this a win

Edler- 13 goals- 28 points Close, but not so close considering Edler was in injured and awful lot.

Granlund- 13 goals- 25 points Pretty close

Tanev- 6 goals, 23 points Nope

Pouliot- 10 goals- 22 points Nope

Stetcher- 9 goals- 21 points Pretty close



I think there are some other guys too...


- Finish with roughly 60 points. Did quite a bit better than expected. 

- Pettersson gets Calder nomination, but doesn't win. Plays center all year, except on the PP. Mostly correct. We'll see if he wins. Calder still up in the air.

- Boeser struggles in his second season. Never quite finds the form he had last year. I'm reluctant to say I was correct here. He struggled at times, but ended up with a comparable PPG average to last season and finished up pretty strong.

- Hughes goes back to college. Yup.

- Dahlen starts in Utica, gets a few games with the big club when injuries hit. Well, didn't see the trade coming. I think he may have gotten a couple games towards the end of the season had he not requested the trade.

- Gaudette starts in Utica, gets called up midway through the season when the injury bug hits, stays 'till the end of the season. Boom.

- Juolevi starts in Utica, like Gaudette, is called up partways through the season. His injury kinda killed this prediction.


That's all I got for now.




Mixed bag. 

Edited by 48MPHSlapShot
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