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3 minutes ago, Rob_Zepp said:

Love your optimism.   I just posted my opinion and it remains that.   I am excited about this team and seem many consistent playoff years ahead but not quite yet.   I hope I am wrong but I don't think so - in that I don't think they are quite ready.    Again, more than happy to be proven wrong.

We have gone on an extended losing streak since my quote....but I still us making the playoffs.


As soon as  Boeser, Sutter and Beagle are back I think we can go on a win streak to rival this losing streak and getting Baer and Edler back will only help that along.


The next round of injuries guys like Gaudette, Motte and Liepsic will be more experienced at dealing with the added responsibilities and guys like MacEwen, Joulevi and Dahlen will be ready for callups instead of Archie and Boucher or even Gagner.


The goaltending is the shaky part...but there has been some visible improvement in both our goalies we shall see.


The one thing that is for sure is that we are better able to handle multiple injuries this year and that will only continue to get better as the young guns progress... 

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