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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks at Buffalo Sabres November 10th 2018

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Game 18: Canucks at Buffalo Sabres 10:00 AM (NOTE THE TIME) at KeyBank Center


6-3 Canucks


Elias Pettersson Points so far: 2


5 Points: Westcoasting, rychicken


6 Points: Isam, -Vintage Canuck-


7 Points: smithers joe, Roberts, 406in604, BCNeil


8 Points: Rindiculous, Hairy Kneel, mikeyman109, Bo fan, MikeyBoy44, MattJVD, revelnuck, Apple Juice


9 Points: spook007, Whaleroad Train, Amebushi, canuck73_3, Pete M, HOFsedins, PistolPete13, Blaze04, TheGuardian_, EP Phone Home, Cluminati*, hoholla sk, Ronaldoescobar


10 points: Canuck_Fan_52, goalie13, zombieksa, Rodishred, Salacious Crumb, Green Goblin


11 Points: Mikey2Dope, Just1CupBeforeIDie, maginator, debluvscanucks, Cali Canuck, Baggins, petmar74


12 Points: LowerMainLander18, Viper007, costal.view, Plsdontdoit, spur1, Rabbit, WHL rocks, Amazing Sedinery!


13 Points: fourtwentyfour, Fijian Canuck, Googlie, Davathor, Whale Tail, Shift-4


14 Points: Mcllhargey the Lesser, CaptKirk888, cory40, J-23, Maginator


15 Points: Strombone, the grinder


18 Points: Mr.hockey604


19 Points: canucksnhl, Veskit





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5-4 Canucks


Pettersson with 5 goals. 


There's finally a winner in the Safeway Sobeys Score & Win contest.


BTW I spent my 1000th post on this so it will come true. 

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5 - 2 canucks


ep40 with 3 points.. cuz he simply has to get productive soon

or my prediction will be dead in the water :P




don't forget to upvote the thread people

Edited by coastal.view

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ok .. so i posted what follows in another thread.. and then realized it really is most relevant to this one





all i'm saying

and all i'm concerned about these days

is that it is damn hard to predict the score

for the predict the score contest

cuz this team does not behave like any other team that is missing so many players



brock gets sent home

ep40 gets an assist

and yet they hang 8 on the bruins

who the hell can forecast that nonsense?


predicting now is random and wild

the wilder the more likely to be accurate

um... no skill required

just a damn high degree of imagination

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4 - 2 Canucks


PS.  I need Petey to get 2 or 3 points this game

Edited by Cali Canuck
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