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VAN & EDM..(Proposal, 8 players)

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Pretty unlikely to see such a deal.. & not much trade-history between the 2 teams. That said, Chia & JB might be willing to do biz, as old buds. It would mark something of an acceptance on our part: Edm is much closer to PO contention; & we're better off to simply look further ahead down the rebuild road.


VAN: Tanev(retain 1.5 mill), Granlund, Markstrom, Dahlen  ..AAV: about 8,150,000(for 3 NHL'ers & prospect)


EDM: Benning, Spooner, Talbot, Benson, 2019 2nd r pick.   ..AAV: about 9,150,000(for 3 NHL'ers, prospect & 2nd r pick)


- we get a little younger here. Add more Cdn identity to our squad. Bit more size too.

- Tanev is likely Farrr ahead of Benning. But it's time for a shake up. His muffin shot has become more frustrating lately. But Edm has other D who can shoot the puck. They need a skating, defensive specialist like CT. Especially with Sekera hobbled.

- Markstrom has 1 more yr..better for Edm. Talbot, Nilsson, Demko & Bachman can determine who sticks around, & where, next season (with their 2nd half play).

- Spooner vs Gran is no big deal. Of course 1 costs more, with an extra yr. Placeholders, & mainly added here to balance cap. Oilers prob need cap flexibility(next yr or two) more than us. So they'd like that expiring contract.


Markstrom is younger(to make cheap tandem with their big Finn, Koskinen)

Tanev is better(& we retain, to help their cap scenario)


...So, we get the better prospect and the 2019 2nd r pick.




Am I wrong in assuming Benson is better than Dahlen?(mostly going by info I've read). Know he played for Giants..would appreciate opinion on this kid.

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^ Also wanted to add, certainly open to creative variations with this one. For example, take on the Sekera deal(?is that allowed?), if goods like Puljujarvi could be obtained. Don't know if Sekera will play any more(LTIR, next 2 yrs?)


Above deal I added left wingers like Benson/Spooner, as we're pretty weak on that side.

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Tanev > Benning, Granlund > Spooner, Markstrom>Talbot (Because he is younger and has a better record rn) Benson > Dahlen (Ill give Benson definitely has higher potential and is better)

We also get smaller with this trade as each matchup is taller for the Canucks except Benson and Dahlen. I see where your coming from but the Canucks need some better return for Tanev as he is the Canucks best d man, has a great salary and they need to get like a first for him. If Canucks really wanted left wingers they wouldn't of waived Leipsic. 

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