Should we go out and get a "tough guy"

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It has to come from a player who can really play.  And not just a goon


pronger was the best in recent memory - just a mean sob.  Didnt fight but he didn’t have to.  Unfortunately for him there is a price for playing like that.  He can’t wven watch TV anymore - he is totally &^@#ed. Taking and giving dirty hits.  I really hope that that is removed from the game.


if it were me:  automatic suspension for any kind of head shot.  Start and 5 games and double it for the next hit.   Then double it again.  Cap it at 20 games.  If they go a season without they can have their next one reduced.  Accidental or not, err on the side of safety.  If the players have no respect for each other anymore then make them have respect for their wallet.  They shouldn’t get paid during a suspension.  It’s the only way.  Then we won’t see any head shots and players will be careful not to hit anyone in the head.  And avoid that kind of contact.   If u hit someone with your car it doesn’t matter what your intent was.  Or if you have a bigger car or truck.  Then.... we will see fast skilled hockey.  I don’t see a downside  


But it only works if you don’t need that sob anymore..... right now every team needs one.


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