How long until Markstrom has proven himself?

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On 2/10/2019 at 7:39 AM, kloubek said:

Well it seems I'm one of the few remaining nay sayers about Markstrom.  Even the panel "experts" are taking notice of him so I admit I may not know what I'm talking about.  


Again, not dismissing his recent play - he looks better and is winning games for us.  I just hope it lasts.

Keep in mind, he isn’t some fluky echl burrows type that may take too many “burrows do we really need him” threads to prove himself. He was a 31st overall pick, pretty close to a 1st rounder, in a draft where goalies didn’t have much stock. He was touted pretty highly by the same Swedish circles that touted EP I believe. He was projected to be another Luongo.


He was a blue chipper that never lived up to his potential. But now that he is somewhat there, not quite but somewhat, he can probably just go on instinct now since he was a genuine starter in every other professional league and age group all of his life until he hit the NHL.


Its up to our psychologists to keep him confident and he should be plenty serviceable as a starter until Demko or Diepietri take the reigns. 

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