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The airing of grievances

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I hate when I’m going to do something but then someone else tells me to do it before I can start. 


*in my best 6 year old impression* 


“Well now I’m not going to do it” 

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19 hours ago, debluvscanucks said:

I hate it when people tell me things I already know (I'm annoying) and expect that I'll change (I won't).  I AM annoying, but I'm passionate, fiercely loyal, intense, honest and have spent my lifetime pleasing others.  I'm at a point now where I'm in it for me.   Don't like it?  I'm sorry...I am no longer on a mission to please all the people.  This ties in to my loathing of people who try so hard to be pc just to fit in.  They worry about "reputation" and things that somehow validate them through others.  I'm all in here...none of this dabbling.  I watch all hockey, not just the Canucks.  All's my life when my family's away.  But I feel NO need to apologize for supporting my team before any other.  I do watch other teams, but invest NO emotion in their games.


When I look in the mirror that's the person who I have to worry about.  Even IF annoying at times, I am a good person.  I care about others, I give away most everything I have and I have no sense or greed or entitlement in this world.  My kids/family are great and that's the only thing I truly care about.  Well, and my team.


I DO sometimes get  carried away (I often come back in here and delete posts as a result).  But I am true to who I am and won't change.  I will shut up, if told nicely and with respect.  My son does it all the time with a "you're at an 11, we need you at a 4".  Rude attempts to shut me up often have the reverse effect because it becomes a challenge, not a request.  I am nowhere near perfect so have to be reminded to reel it in at times.  But it must be done respectfully.


I do care what people think/say about me if I respect them   Then I do consider what they're saying and  take it to heart.  Being "right" just isn't important enough to me to alienate others.  But strangers who come to me with this or that?  Whatever.  Hit ignore and let's both be happier that way.  Besides, why should I adjust for someone who, for all I know, could be an axe murderer or horrible person?  There's always a tactful way to address people.


I am mostly a very happy person and this time of the year especially so.  I go with the flow and am just thrilled to be around family, friends and loved ones.  Most here are included in that in a weird, disconnected way.



I also hate stress over holiday plans.  It's dumb. 

deb has grievances with herself :rolleyes:

that's a different holiday deb


you have to air negative stuff about other people

but you are always a delight on here

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16 hours ago, Alflives said:

I have a grievance with those very many CDC members who have Alf on ignore.  When you read this (and you will) I hope you feel shame.  :P  And all the teams’ prospects are bustaroos!   :towel:

but alf

surely you must accept and admit

that if you shared your medication

we could all then manage

to cope with you better


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2 hours ago, Shift-4 said:

It is being brought to hockey?

I will fight any POS that dares bring this absurdity to hockey!!!!!

Festivus is over man

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The whole PC Equality issue sold as equality of outcome; manufactured. Seems like a heck of a lot of authoritarian power there, not oppression, for people of preferred x,y and z. I believe this is why we have tribalism-populism now, not respect and dignity. 


I also hate it when some driver will speed up when you’re set to pass them on some mountain road somewhere and then proceed to follow you even though you’re now speeding. We call them, Alberians, mostly. 


Let’t see, I really don’t like the Captain Obvious people who talk to you as if it’s the first time you’ve heard anything on whatever the subject is. 


I do hate it when people from the coast will move out to the bush somewhere and put up fences, signs and just screw with the land that they now own because they want fences and stuff. Most of the province sees this happen, screws up my access to fishing, etc. I know it’s their right, just sometimes it’s people not getting the whole joy of rural living. Can usually spot them, with their massive chain-link fence, compound-looking yards, for acreages out in the sticks.  


Edited by 189lb enforcers?
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I can't stand how at silvercity metropolis they charge 18.50 for a movie and its in 3D. They dont have regular showings anymore. They do it on purpose as an excuse to make us pay more. And the cost of admission is more then what you pay for popcorn and a soda. I met with a buddy today at silvercity to see a movie in the afternoon and the only option was in 3D when i realised it was 18.50 i proceeded to walkout i flung my arms in the air and said  Forget It!!!!!

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I wanted to correct an error
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