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Utica prospects graduation to big club?

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On 1/12/2019 at 6:24 PM, TheRealistOptimist said:

Which players that Jim Benning has drafted or signed since he took over should have been already developed and graduated from Utica to the Canucks?


1st - J. Virtanen - Spent a year developing in Utica under Travis Green.

1st - J. McCann - Traded away.

2nd - T. Demko - Spent a couple years in NCAA then developed in Utica. Now with the Canucks. 

3rd - N. Tryamkin - Refused to go to Utica for any length of time. Now in Russia. 

5th - G. Forsling - Traded away.

6th - K. Petit - Didn't get signed by the Canucks.

7th - M. Stewart - Was signed by the Canucks only played 6 games in Utica, was/is mostly a ECHL player, no longer with the organization.



1st - B. Boeser - Developed in the NCAA, never played in Utica.

3rd - G. Brisebois - Organization seemingly is happy with his development in Utica. Is only 21 and in his 2nd full season in Utica. 

4th - D. Zhukenov - Not yet signed by the Canucks. Currently playing in Europe. 

5th - C. Neil - Didn't get signed by the Canucks. 

5th - A. Gaudette - Developed in the NCAA, has only played 7 games in Utica, most of his time spent with the Canucks. 

6th - L. Jasek - Developing well in Utica. Is only in his first full season in Utica. 

7th - T. Olson - Didn't get signed by the Canucks. 



1st - O. Juolevi - Has developed in the OHL and Liiga the last 2 years as he wasn't eligible for Utica. Has been hampered by injuries (out for the year), but was developing well in Utica. 

3rd - W. Lockwood - Is still playing in the NCAA.

5th - C. Candella - Didn't get signed by the Canucks. 

6th - J. Stukel - Didn't get signed by the Canucks.

7th - R. Abols - Didn't get signed by the Canucks. 

7th - B. McKenzie - Didn't get signed by the Canucks.



1st - E. Pettersson - Developed in the SHL, Never played in Utica.

2nd - K. Lind - Is in his first full season in Utica. Just turned 20 in October.

2nd - J. Gadjovich - Is in his first season in Utica. Just turned 20 in October.

3rd - M. DiPietro - Is still playing in the OHL.

4th - J. Rathbone - Is playing in the NCAA.

5th - K. Gunnarsson - Is playing in the SHL. 

6th - P. Palmu - Spent first half of this season developing in Utica, now playing the last half of the season in Liiga, where he played all of last season. 

7th - M. Brassard - Is still playing in the OHL.



1st - Q. Hughes - Is playing in the NCAA.

2nd - J. Woo - Is still playing in the WHL.

3rd - T. Madden - Is playing in the NCAA. 

5th - T. Utunen - Is playing in Liiga. 

6th - A. Manukyan - Is playing in the KHL.

7th - M. Thiessen - Is playing in the USHL. 


Players Acquired but not through the Draft

Traded for - J. Dahlen - Playing in first season in Utica and North America. Seemingly developing fine in Utica. 

Undrafted - Z. MacEwen - Playing his 2nd full season in Utica. Developing really well.

Undrafted - J. Chatfield - Playing his 2nd season in Utica. Unfortunately been hurt for a large portion of the season. All reports seem to be that he's been developing nicely. 

Undrafted - E. McEneny - Played 1 year in the ECHL, was injured pretty much all of last year, So is in his 2nd full season in Utica. Probably not in the Canucks future plans.  E. McEneny was actually signed by the previous management team.

Undrafted - A. Sautner - Is in his 4th full season in Utica. May get called up to the Canucks at some point but probably an afterthought in their future plans. 

Traded for - T. Kero - Good AHL'er, fringe NHL'er. 1st season in Utica. 

Waivers - R. Boucher - Good AHL'er, fringe NHL'er. 2nd season in Utica.

**Late addition (I orginally left him out)

Traded for - N. Goldobin - Played under half a season in Utica. Most of his AHL time was spent in San Jose.


So again tell me which players that Jim Benning has acquired, should have already been developed by Utica and graduated to the NHL?


I think, if in 2-3 years Utica hasn't started creating a pipeline from Utica to the Canucks, then it might be time to start asking more questions. I don't believe there's anything to be concerned with at the moment.

Thought I'd seen this somewhere :lol: Just had @Dats hockey PM me this post as 'evidence' for the 'poor development' in Utica.


I don't think he got the gist of your post ;) 


My responses:



t's a great list, nice work ;)


Not sure what 'light' I need seeing though...?



The vast majority of the guys you listed in Utica, you listed as 'developing fine'.


Again, what's the problem?



See what? That the few largely non-blue chip (not Boeser, Pettersson etc) prospects that have reasonable expectations to have NHL ceilings, who've even had a chance to play in Utica (pre-2016-17) are in fact 'developing fine in Utica'. 


Again, why is that a 'problem'?


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On 1/10/2019 at 5:19 AM, N7Nucks said:

Florida did not develop Marky. We had to rebuild Marky. And you criminally underrate how important that season in Utica was for Jake Virtanen.

So right. Biega is a Travis/Utica product, and I would add Baertchi's time with Travis, albeit short. as being a small but important factor in his development and position on the Canucks roster still, and he is working out well IMO. Gaunce will help out, even if we trade him for something. He is playing well now and looks dominant out there in the AHL lately. Don't give up on him. A good season in Utica and he will challenge for a regular NHL shift somewhere. It is crowded in Van at center (Gaudette is better) so maybe he goes to the wing as Travis has been saying for years with him. 

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16 hours ago, 6string said:

That team with a better person in charge should have made at least two cup appearances. We were as good as Chicago and Boston and with a better staff we would have had one cup today. I really believe that!


Gillis has never been interviewed for another posting - enough said!

"We were as good as" with NO Depth.. Gillis was not handed a good farm in which to have good prospects/rookies to step in when we had that many injuries and i know i watched the slaughter of us with chicago and boston so nice try with your better person scenario... but typical.. blame the dude who almost fixed us a cup winner but couldn't get it done because of a thing called a cap...


unbelievable, seriously...  it's not rocket science to know we are on big tough SKILLED first line player as ALWAYS with the exception of Bert and a "few" others over the last 40 years BUT it still hasn't changed since MG, our " twins" are still getting beat on but the names are petey and brock, at least MG was after a player like that until we ran out of cash to spend when the cap hit... 

Can we afford one now? No and probably not after having to sign our new twins to deals.. nothing new in canuckland, unless we get brian burks back and he'd sell something to get a player like that as he's got enough balls to piss off people by selling off a fan fave to help but for now we wait for a tall french kid who is a late blooming power forward down in utica tearing it up...

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