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Markstrom the co-MVP for Canucks?

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On 2/10/2019 at 4:04 AM, -AJ- said:

Al Rollins and Turk Broda

Gump Worsley and Charlie Hodge

Gerry Cheevers and Eddie Johnston

Grant Fuhr and Andy Moog

Chris Osgood and Mike Vernon/Dominik Hasek


You keep both.

At what cap cost? That's the issue on that i think but if we could.. sure!

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On 2/9/2019 at 11:46 PM, *Buzzsaw* said:

Of course, Pettersson has to be in any MVP conversation... but steadily and consistently Jacob Markstrom has pushed his way into the conversation.


Game after game, period after period, he has elevated his game in a steady upwards curve.


Where was he at the beginning of the season?>  A lot of people were writing him off and saying he should be traded or replaced by Nilsson.  (not that Nilsson is a bad goalie)


He went through that bad period... where the losses were not his fault... and it was like going through a firestorm... it tempered and refined him and he emerged a changed goalie.


His big weakness in the past was his emotional instability... lack of confidence... lack of consistency...   ALL GONE NOW.


Maybe it won't be Demko who lifts the Cup... maybe it will be Marky.

I think he has another level to prove and that's how he performs in the playoffs. For some really good goalies that's where they fall apart 

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On ‎2‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 11:10 PM, kloubek said:

The guy doesnt even have a .91 save percentage.  There may be many reasons for that both in his control and beyond his control, but I wouldn't call that a particularly great stat and certainly not one worthy of MVP contention.


I'm tickled pink about Markys recent play as well, but it's still a small sample size imo.

For this team he is a front runner, the team is after all in the bottom third of the league a not so great stat on this group is an outstanding stat on a good team.


As far as the future, if Demko can play he should be the guy going forward due to age, Markstrom might be good for another 4 years or more but then Demko should be traded. I don't mind the idea of 1A & 1B playing, actually I think it is required especially in the playoffs with all the added FLYING which dehydrates the human body, the first signs are "mental fatigue" and "slowed reflexes", IMO one reason Vancouver is/was called the goalie graveyard and for performances like Luongo's in the playoffs.

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On 2/10/2019 at 12:07 AM, DontMessMe said:

So do we trade Markstrom or Demko assuming Markstrom becomes elite 

If markstrom consistently proves elite then demo won't get a chance to become elite .  If another teams believes in demko and his value is high then we could trade him but then that leaves the question of backup.  If dipietro can prove himself in the ahl then that maybe an option but that is a ways away and unanswerable at this time 

Let's just make sure that as a group here on CDC that we don't allow ourselves to get sucked into any goalie controversy in the future. If we have 2 great goalies let's just be happy with that 

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I think Markstrom is THE MVP of the Canucks this year. Without him having to stand on his head most nights. the Canucks would be at the bottom of the standings. Pettersson has had a fantastic rookie season, and will probably win the Calder. He should be voted as Most Exciting Player for the Canucks, but the MVP should be all Markstrom.

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