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Telus or shaw for cable/internet? Which do you prefer and why?


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19 hours ago, Russ said:

Go to a stall and talk to them, generally they have better prices.  I went with a 3rd party that pulls their internet from Shaw and cut the cable myself just because Shaw only does my area and I wasn't paying the stupid cable prices.

I'll give a stall a shot, thanks ;) Yeah, we're tempted to cut cable too. Only really ever use it for hockey. Telus managed to keep me around with the $77 price for internet + TV (hockey) but at $89, $129 and $189...Shaw can take their cable service and F off :lol:


18 hours ago, inane said:

they both suck, but telus customer service is what forced me to switch to shaw. they were beyond inept.4


I find Telus' problem is more a left hand/right hand issue. The left hand (customer service reps) seems to have a major disconnect with their right hand (installation/tech guys). They have a sizable, internal communication issue IMO. They're quite friendly about it though!:lol:


But once you get through that to a working system at the prices you were promised, the actual service/product itself is quite good IMO and again the reps are friendly/helpful.



Eww...just checked and I have to risk my life and head in to the terrifying depths of Richmond for the closest Shaw stall apparently :wacko:

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On 3/19/2019 at 4:07 PM, Shekky said:

Shaw No Cap on Downloading now and 600MB/s download my biggest complaint is the $&!#ty 20 Mb/s Upload

well I have telus 150 download and 150 upload with no cap. Telus has better speeds as I have FTTH, much better than shared connection of shaw cable internet

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I've managed bulk accounts with both. Shaw is far better customer service and far more prompt if you need a call out.  

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