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Van Minni @ the draft Proposal the unthinkable

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42 minutes ago, hammertime said:

I think it's possible with either Minni Dumba or Winnipeg Trouba If the offer is good they might listen. Winnipeg will have a tough time signing both Myers and Trouba if their choice is between letting one walk for nothing Myers UFA or getting a good return on the other Trouba RFA I think they would listen to offers. 


I think Minni is listening to offers to keep their team relevant while Suter and Parise can still play some hockey. Their deep on D on their right side they have Spurgeon, Paterin, Hunt and prospects Belpedio and Johansson also look to be NHL locks comming through the ranks. Is it better with Dumba of course would their team be more competitive with say Turcotte Newhook Virtanen I think so. 


Johansson had just 4 points in 47 games in Allsvenskan (2nd tier league) this season.  He is nowhere close to replacing Dumba.  Hunt is a D7 and Pateryn a 3rd pairing D.  They have no Ds like Dumba coming up their system.  Spurgeon is a UFA in one season and is 29 and it's unclear if they can extend him.  Dumba is only 24 and signed long term.


Not even a month ago owner Leopold in a video to season ticket holders talks about how Dumba elevated his game even further this season and how unfortunate his injury was.  He says the best part is that Dumba will be back next season.  


He is a core player for them and is not getting traded.   


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6 hours ago, mll said:


Irwin-Weber are paid league minimum - 675K and Hamhuis is 1.25M.  Tanev at 50% retained is more expensive at 2.25M.  Their 3rd pairing plays 10-12 minutes when everyone is healthy - Hamhuis a bit more.   All are still under contract next season.  It's not a worthwhile investment especially when Tanev doesn't fit how they play.  


Their 3rd pairing is not great but it's a marginal issue vs the struggles in their top-4 and Tanev would not be a D they would target to play top-4 minutes.  


They also now have Fabbro who should help their 3rd pairing.

If Fabbro makes the team they'll likely develop him with the same approach they followed with Jones.  On the 3rd pairing but getting extra shifts with the top-4 Ds for experience and to increase his minutes.  


Laviolette says you can only practice 15% of offensive situations like PP, 2-on-1s.  The remaining 85% of offensive situations are reads and hockey sense.  Tanev is not an offensive minded player.


Yeah, good points.


I was thinking more that they might go Duchene, making Subban maybe the place where they would look for cap relief. I don't think they get much interest in Turris, though they would get more than Eriksson (with similar contract).


I was thinking maybe they could go:


Josi Ellis

Ekholm Tanev

Hamhuis Fabbro


With Fabbro moving up the D pairings through the year. 


This is all of course based on whether they really want Duchene or not. Would allow them to have a deep C core of:





Or move one of them to wing to bolster top 6.

This, however, may make Josi signing more complicated in another year. 


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To be honest with woo's development I could see him being a dumba level player if not better regardless so getting dumba would be redundant. Also there's some pretty high end potential in the top 10 of the draft even after the top 3. I like dumba but just don't think the price or time is right for that move. 

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Minni is an interesting team... They really only have Dumba/Brodin Everyone else is older than sin in todays NHL.


So they are on the cliff of a rebuild. But I doubt that includes Dumba...


He would be young enough to be their "veteran" presence if they decided to go full rebuild.


Would you trade Dumba? 14 goals, 50 pts and +15 as a 22 year old... You would be daft to trade him!

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