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[Discussion] What would an Eriksson for Ryan trade look like?

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Hard pass. At least Eriksson's 3rd year is easy to buy out.

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On 11/9/2019 at 6:04 PM, higgyfan said:

Not sure, but isn't Loui's contract better for a buyout?  Also, Ryan has a NMC, so he would have to stay with the team for the remaining years on his contract.


I think the plan may be to buy out Loui after the July bonus is paid out.  If that's the case, then leaving things be for this season is best.


If Ryan is only playing sparingly he would probably waive his NMC for expansion.  It's unlikely that he would get claimed though. 


The regular buyout window closes on 30 June.  A 2nd buyout window opens up only if the team has a player that has filed for arbitration.  The Canucks had none that filed last year.  Several players will be eligible for arbitration - Stecher, Virtanen, Motte on the main team and a few others in the AHL.  Stecher filed last time.


The bonus payment has no effect on the buyout cap hit - it's the same numbers whether the buyout happens during the normal window in June or the 2nd buyout window.  Numbers below.


Say Ottawa retains 20% - Ryan would be a 5.8M cap hit for the Canucks.  It's still some 16.4M in salary - slightly less as the season is already underway vs 9M for Eriksson.  Not sure ownership would want to spend that additional amount for the odd game that Ryan would likely play.  


Ryan's buyout cap hit at 80% retained would be initially more advantageous than Eriksson's but not for the final two seasons.  


                           Eriksson            Ryan at 80%        Ryan at 100%

2020/21             5.67M                     2.867M                3.583M

2021/22             3.67M                     2.867M                3.583M

2022/23             667K                       1.467M                1.833M              

2023/24             667K                       1.467M                1.833M

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