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(Newer than the newest) 2019-2020 Time Capsule Prediction Thread

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100 points in 50 th year good four 4 th in west.

western final win

stanly cup in 7 game

Quinn rookie of the year

Boesr scores 50+

Our stud Swede sophomore center  score 100 points

Virtannen 30 goals 

Goldie scores 25 an 9 goals in playoffs

we escape for most part devastating injuries of past several years

JB get GM of year 



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Top Six

Elias Pettersson (30-45-75)

Bo Horvat (28-39-67)

JT Miller (24-37-61)

Brock Boeser (32-28-60)

Tanner Pearson (17-23-40)

Micheal Ferland (18-20-38)


Bottom Six

Adam Gaudette (13-20-33)

Antoine Roussel (10-21-31)

Jake Virtanen (13-13-26)

Jay Beagle (6-14-20)

Brandon Sutter (9-10-19)

Josh Leivo (8-10-18)



Quinn Hughes (12-22-34)

Alex Edler (8-22-30)

Tyler Myers (7-20-27)

Troy Stecher (4-19-23)

Olli Juolevi (4-14-18)

Jordie Benn (3-11-14)

Chris Tanev (2-9-11)



Jacob Markstrom - 31 wins, 2.76 GAA, .916%

Thatcher Demko - 10 wins, 2.98 GAA, .907%


Team record


92 points

3rd in Pacific

First-round exit vs Vegas Golden Knights


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I always get this wrong so lets try a little reverse prognostication- The Canucks will finish dead last this year.:ph34r:

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Now with the roster taking shape, players being demoted/waived, here are my predictions






Schaller/Leivo - Schaller bottom 6 replacement/rotation, Leivo top 6 replacement/rotation when injuries happen


Until Rous returns. I will slot Rous in with Beags when he returns from IR, waive either Schaller or Ericsson, possibly Motte depending on who deserves to be with the team. Just because Ericsson is a 6 million dollar 4th liner does not mean he should be first demoted, if he out plays the others...







Sucks to see Baer waived, if we manage to hang on to him he will be first call up if we have a top 6 injury, he will not play bottom 6 and that is why he did not make the team.


Goldy will be picked up on waivers, if not I hope he wakes up and realizes that it takes more than just skill to get by in this league. Wish him the best of luck, hopefully as an impact player for the Canucks one day


I have Olli or Biega as first D call up


Petey with 80+ points

Boeser with 30+ goals

Ferland, Horvat, Miller all with 20+ goals, 50+ points


Still don't see a huge uptick from the back end, hoping that top paring crack 10+ goals each, 40 points, but I am hard pressed to believe that will happen. I don't think Quinn will be everything we hope, but would like to be proved wrong. I think he needs more time to be the impact D we hope he can be. Still think 30+ points isn't unreasonable, which would have been fantastic on last years team.






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It will be a very competitive conference, especially the 7-8 spots.  Arizona, Chicago, St.Louis, Vancouver and Vegas will be fighting for those last two playoff positions.


Nucks squeak into the playoffs (96 points) on last 3 days of the season, just ahead of St.Louis by one point to take the seventh spot.  

Nucks end up facing the Snarks and push the series to 7.... And lose.  Regardless the season is viewed as a great success and Vancouver is looked at as a up and coming elite team in the West.


Petey ends up with a great year racking up 97 points.


Boeser scores 42 goals, 77 points.  His dad does make it to a game!


Hughes is a big part of a much improved mobile defence... Make plenty of rookie mistakes but improves steadily as year moves on.  He ends up getting 41 points (32 assists).


Markstrom proves that he is a #1 goaltender again... But Demko shows very well in his starts and starts to create a new goalie controversy a la Luongo/Schneider.  Management will go into next off-season with some hard decisions to make on who they'll keep/sign going forward.


Benn ends up being a fan favorite, and a big part if the new grittier canucks identity.


Miller is a very welcome addition.  Finally giving Bo the support on the wing and help with faceoff duties.  JT ends up with 39 assists and 21 goals for 50 points.


Bo gets the C on our home opener... Hank passing him the jersey and the arena erupts!  Bo goes onto scoring 32 goals and 42 assists.  


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2 minutes ago, Kumquats said:


Who is that?  I’ve been following the team since for ever.  Is this an ex player dressed up in the new uni?  

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It's our most recent first round pick, Vasily Podkolzin. did that to him and a few other first rounders with some new app. 

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On 6/30/2019 at 7:20 AM, Twilight Sparkle said:

challenge accepted


horvat named captain before season opener, with a ceremony at the first home opener

pettersson records 90 points

boeser scores 35, records 65+ points

milller scores 20 and is huge on special teams

horvat scores 25, leads the league in FO taken

virtanen breaks out and pots 20 goals and leads the team in hits

edler leads the team in minutes and points among defensemen

hughes records 50+ points/calder nomination and is a vital part of the canucks re-surging PP and OT rotation

Pearson scores 20+, but by trade deadline when CDC wants him traded for "assets" benning keeps him and cdc FREAKS OUT

Tanev plays like 42 games

Joulevi gets called up cause of typical canucks injuries, cdc likes how he plays, wants him traded for "assets"

Markstrom plays 65 games and demko finishes better than .500 in his starts

canucks make the playoffs, finishing in the first wildcard spot


if NONE of this happens idk, ill drown my sorrow in my own crucifixion of the liquor


Well, right there you got a point...


(I'll enter stuff later. Bed is for the weak, and I'm in that condition all week.)


                                         regards,  G.

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1. Henrik shows up at the start of the season and presents Horvat with a jersey with a C on it.

2. Eriksson's contract is untradable so he is dumped in the minors 

3. Baerschi gets injured in preseason and goes on LTIR

4. Boesser signs, 6.5 million for 4 years.

5. Hughes is a Calder candidate but is beaten by his brother

6. Sutter is traded prior to the trade deadline to a contender who is looking to replace an injured centremen

7. Demko remains the backup for the season starting around 25-30 games.

8. Some people call Demko a bust because he isn't an allstar from the get go even though he is constantly improving.

9. Horvat tops 70 points

10. Petey just misses 80 points

11. Meyers regains his form and is a bargain to prove the doubters wrong.

12. Canucks finish ahead of Flames and Oilers

13. EP practices faceoffs all summer and gets good at them.

14. Lind improves to around 45-50 points in the AHL this year.



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1. We make the playoffs, and get to the WCF then loose to Colorado who win the Stanley cup and who become our new Chicago (Dragons) 

2. Jim Benning nominated for GM of the year but looses to Sakic

3. Pettersson gets 88 points 40 goals 48 assists

4. Bo named Captain

5. Virtanen gets 23 goals and fights a couple times. Ferland fights Lucic 

6. Brock gets 34 goals 

7. Canucks nation jumps back on bandwagon, tickets much harder to get

8. Hughes has a great season but Cal Makar beats him in points 

9. Juolevi, Gaudette, and MacEwan all have great seasons in Utica along with some of the Utica signings Benning made this summer.

10. Hoglander has a breakout season in SHL and looks ready to challenge for a spot on the Canucks next season. 



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Finish in 6th in West


Second round exit


Bo gets Selke consideration but doesn't win


Quinn Hughes wins Calder


Both Boeser and Petey get 40 goals


Tanev gets injured



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On ‎7‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 7:30 AM, Azzy said:

Jacob Markstrom - 31 wins, 2.76 GAA, .916%

Thatcher Demko - 10 wins, 2.98 GAA, .907%


Team record


Markstrom and Demko combine for 41 wins. Where does the other one come from? DiPietro? ;)


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I did a bit of future travel (check out Interstellar, gravity...who knew) and found this post from a bunch of Canucks brought back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 2020-21 Cup which was the first of four in a seven year run.   For this trio of HHOF first ballot entries, all entered in 2040, this was a bittersweet time as the paid respects to the recently departed "Coach Green" who ended up with six total Cups in his 27 years a Canucks bench boss.



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The 23 man roster is set and the Canucks play their first game tomorrow.  Here are my predictions.


1. Playoffs? This year's team is certainly an improvement over last year's team. I see them on the playoff margin, fighting for the last playoff spot. This seems to be a typical view among "pundits". But I have to make a call one way or the other. So I am saying they sneak into the playoffs.


2. What are the main sources of improvement? The most important thing is "organic" improvement--young guys on the team who get better. This includes the young core. EP (age 20) and Boeser (21) are young enough that they should improve noticeably and Horvat (23) is young enough that he could take another step. I will also add Gaudette (22) and Hughes (still 19 but about to turn 20) into this group. I  will be surprised if Virtanen improves much, but it could happen.


3. What about the D? The new guys will help, but not as much as a lot of people expect. Quinn Hughes has great potential and is an outstanding skater who also handles the puck well. But, at the NHL level, defending is hard for him, as is the physical game. But he will help the team. Same story with Myers. His defence is a bit suspect, but he will help the team. Overall, this years left side (Edler, Benn, Hughes, and Fantenber) is a lot better than last year (Edler, Hutton, Pouliot, MDZ). The right side is also better, with Tanev and Stecher returning and Myers replacing Gudbranson, which is a big improvement. Myers is at least as good as Guddy defensively and is much better offensively. And maybe Tanev can stay healthy longer than usual.


4. What about the new forwards? Ferland and J.T. Miller will probably continue as they have been in the recent past -- solid two-way players who add to the physical game and score at a good 2nd level. They should improve the PP. The Canucks gave up a lot to get them in cap space and draft picks for for Miller, but they should help the team in the short run.


5. And the other guys? I think the other guys will be about the same as in the past. Sutter and Beagle are good on the PK and good defensively, but won't contribute much scoring. Eriksson will continue to be solid defensively but will continue to irritate fans due to his contract and lack of scoring, physical play, speed or intensity. If the Canucks go with Beagle, Sutter, and Eriksson as a 4th line at some point, that line would be fine on the ice, at least defensively,  but would be the highest paid 4th line in the NHL--and by a big margin. And Motte, Pearson, and Leivo will continue as bottom six wingers with varying attributes and weaknesses. Pearson start on the second line, but I don't see that lasting and several guys will probably get a shot, including Roussel when he comes back, who may be the best fit.


6. Team Leaders?

Team MVP and top scorer: Pettersson (70 - 80 pts)

Top Goal Scorer: Boeser -- finally hits 30 goals -- my prediction is the 30 - 35 range.

Team Captain: That will be Bo Horvat and I predict he will be in the mid-60s, say the 63-67 range.

Best D: Edler (again) but Hughes and Myers each get about 30-35 pts -- increasing the offense from the back end.

Goaltending: Marky and Demko are similar to the second half of last year, finishing with a team save percentage about the middle of NHL, which means the Canucks will get good value from their goalie cap hit, and that should be enough to (just barely) make the playoffs.


7. Overall points? Last year the Canucks got 81 pts. I see improvement in the young core forwards being worth 5 or 6 pts, a better D being worth 3 or 4 pts, slightly better goaltending (with Demko here for the full season and Marky continuing his play from the second half of last year) being worth maybe 3 or 4 pts, and a better supporting cast (Miller, Ferland, etc.) being worth a couple of points. Overall, that adds up to 11 to 16 extra pts or 92 to 97 in total. Last year the lowest playoff team in the West had 90 pts, which was a fairly low number. I think the 92-97 range will be good enough.   


What about me? I will continue to be critical of Benning's non-draft moves. It the team makes the playoffs it will be mainly because of the recent draft picks (EP, Boeser, Horvat, Hughes, Demko, Gaudette and possibly other recent draft picks such as Virtanen or maybe Tryamkin makes a late appearance when the KHL season ends,) The veteran trades and UFA pickups (Eriksson, Sutter, Ferland, Miller, Beagle, Benn, Schaller, Rousell, Pearson) taken together will be maybe net neutral overall in terms of value for cap hit. Some will be good but some won't be. But, putting it all together, the team should be good enough to make the playoffs. I just think the team could be better if Benning had focused more on the draft and less on "win now" in his five years as GM so far. But this may finally be the time to actually apply the win now philosophy.




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1. Horvat is named captain.


2. Juolevi struggles after his surgery and his long time off. Most of CDC give up on him and are happily surprised when he gets into his groove after Christmas and makes his NHL debut. Now it is only half of CDC that hates on him because he is not flashy. He will be a solid contributor down the stretch.


3. Quinn Hughes has a good rookie season with ups and downs, but falls short of a Calder trophy nomination. Physical and defensive weaknesses and a harmless shot prevent him from reaching elite status just yet. Will happen later.


4. Baertschi and Ferland are positive surprises. Baertschi scores 20 in limited minutes. Fantenberg cracks the lineup and plays 40 games with the big club. Rafferty also gets some games. These two and Juolevi's development make Tanev expendable, who is consequently traded for a 2nd-round pick. People complain about asset management.


5. Eriksson is not traded and after a serious injury to a winger (Pearson, Miller or Boeser) he gets a spot on the team. He plays well enough to help the team win and scores 15 goals. Still people keep insulting him.


6. Myers and Leivo are the new whipping boys. And Edler of course. Myers causes some goals against with bad turnovers and Leivo does not score a lot. TG keeps playing them and they are big factors in the playoffs. Edler receives less PP time and scores few goals while shouldering a high workload as shutdown-D. People call him overpaid and lazy.


7. Sutter never regains form and is a non-factor.


8. Canucks make the playoffs. Some established teams struggle (Sharks, Jets, Vegas). Edmonton is much better and plays some exciting and heated games against the Canucks.


9. Elias Pettersson: pee wee herman wow GIFkenan thompson wow GIFhugh jackman wow GIFexcited jon stewart GIF



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On 7/17/2019 at 8:03 AM, Alflives said:

Who is that?  I’ve been following the team since for ever.  Is this an ex player dressed up in the new uni?  

Joking Alf?

If not.... This new face aging app, this is Podkolzin during his post draft photo shoot.

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