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Player turn over (Discussion)

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We are finally at a point where depth of prospects will move these guys out.  I think only Markstrom will be here.  




Tanev moved this deadline to fit in Tryamkin and Joulevi


Baertschi signs elsewhere as a FA and Podkolzin takes his spot.


Sutter traded next deadline to a team out east as Gaudette establishes himself as the fully developed 3C.


Markstrom flattens his progression and Seattle takes Stecher.  Senior becomes the 1A and Markstrom is signed as 1B.

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I'd be shocked if at least one of Baer/Pearson isn't traded this fall never mind even further down the road. With Roussell coming back we will need both the roster and cap space and they fall under the 'too many middle 6 forwards' category with just the right salaries...


Tanev's gone this year whether that's trade or walking as UFA (I'd prefer trade regardless of chasing playoffs) IMO.


I'd be pretty shocked to see Sutter still here much past next summer either (if he makes it that far). The timing of moving him will be largely dependent on Gaudette and whether Sutter can have a healthy season.


Markstrom is the only one we might retain IMO. A lot will depend on his play, Demko's development, DiPietro and Kielly's development and where management thinks all those puzzle pieces fit together (including with the ED). IMO, if we were going to move him, the time to do it was this summer where we could have signed a shorter term vet to tandem with Demko and eventually backup and expose in the ED. There's virtually zero chance we move him at the TDL and that leaves extending him or letting him walk as the other remaining options. And if we extend him, we're likely moving Demko at some point in the next year'ish ahead of the ED, otherwise we have another 'goalie controversy' looming/lose one in the ED, and graduate one of DiPietro/Kielly or sign a short term backup.


Regardless, there's going to be a LOT of movement in the next few years as contract's age out, vets get overtaken by kids, and ELC's become required to cover raises to Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes et al.


Don't get too attached :P


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@aGENT And with all the contracts moving out and getting replaced by kids coming up in the pipeline, it means more draft picks and prospects coming back. In a nutshell, that's the sustainable model this management team is following and it's an excellent one if we can afford them the patience to see it through.

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