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CDC Fantasy League 2019-20

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2 hours ago, Monty said:

Lucic :( 

If you're relying on Lucic, I don't think any format will save you :lol:

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On 5/20/2020 at 8:42 PM, Master Mind said:

Best to follow whatever the NHL does.


Especially if it means a Winnipeg/Colorado matchup can't happen in the first two rounds.

Its an annual event, we have to make sure it comes true :) esp in the year that Drai is finally in the playoffs

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A key thing to remember is that PIMs are only worth 50% of what they are worth in the regular season, so they won't be as powerful in the playoffs.


I'd like to see to what extent these "exhibition games" are between the teams with byes before considering including the points or not. If they are for competitive seeding, it wouldn't be a bad idea to include these then.


If we wanted to combine points for both rounds, we'd either be using all of Round 1 or none of Round 1.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed the following draft picks to ELCs, starting in 2020-21:


Calen Addison - 3 years, $0.900M per year

Jesse Ylonen - 3 years, $0.900M per year

Jakub Lauko - 3 years, $0.900M per year

Jack Drury - 3 years, $0.900M per year

Gabriel Fortier - 3 years, $0.700M per year



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On 5/21/2020 at 6:20 PM, Nail said:

Well another thing I'm curious to know is if the teams eliminated in the play-in round automatically get picks 8-15.


If they do, I think there'll be some teams who wouldn't even want to participate in the play-in round here...

Just a quick thought on "want to participate". The real hockey world doesn't have an option for "nah, we will skip the playoffs this year". Well they do but its called "so we fired the GM and the Coach". 

I guess I just find it funny to spend a year or even two or three years being bad on purpose to have a better shot at winning in year 4 or 5 in a "paper league" of fantasy hockey. I know they do it in real life from time to time because: profits. But does anyone really look at tankers who win years later as being super genius? Curious what others thoughts on it are... not for any policy reason, but just curious why anyone plays to lose in a fantasy game. Although I never understood using cheat codes to "win" at video games. For me it really is a losers game to head down the alley of workarounds versus genuine ability without needing workarounds. 


Oh and hey all, hope everyone is healthy and happy and fed. 

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Nice to see hockey back soon. By my estimates @Monty will be bounced out at the end of July per tradition ::D


With this, to the surprise of no one, New York Rangers waive Brendan Leipsic with the intent of terminating his contract due to disparaging comments made on social media.


@Nail if I cannot make this now, no worries.

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This is not how I anticipated winning the Presidents Trophy, but I'll take it.


If you want our entire playoff rosters now, here's mine, although I'll surely be calling up black aces when the round of 16 begins.




Miller - Bjugstad - Kucherov

Barbashev - Sissons - Tanev

Carrier - Bellemare - Dowd

Johnston - Poehling - Wagner



Carlson - Weber

Letang - Ekblad

Graves - DeMelo

Bortuzzo - Lyubushkin





Black Aces


Danick Martel, Alexandre Fortin, Daniel Zaar, Tomas Hyka, Connor Clifton, Scott Harrington, Jake Dotchin, Maxime Lagace


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