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NWHL Womens Pro League

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14 hours ago, SabreFan1 said:

I'd be surprised if they got anything from tax subsidies beyond the usual write-off for incurring business related losses.


The bulk of their operating cash comes from investment, donations, sponsorships, and sales.


As for being a "need".  That's ridiculous.  I'll copy/paste what I wrote in October:



Well put.


The players are using empathy and weaponized words and slogans to push for support of their league, so they may earn a living after playing, as women, of course. 


Its like the women who are organizing this effort believe that they truly are victims of inequality. Since they aren’t afforded a league to make a lucrative living in, playing for a living, it’s a societal issue and we must all support equal opportunity, or some crap like that. 


They use words or phrases like ‘role model’ and ‘example’ to suggest that they need a league to inspire young women to live their lives. Rather patronizing, IMO. 

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The &^@#ing ego of this woman....! 


She thinks women's hockey deserved to be televised on par with the boys for the WJHC, or close enough... 




social engineering cant make it happen, chick, no matter if they televised it or not, people don’t care and that’s what TV is for, not as a means to exercise viewership equality! Unreal. 

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On 10/27/2019 at 12:38 AM, Snapshot85 said:


Your funny 


Did you know that the largest growing sector of minor hockey is womens?? 

I bet you diddnt....


To think that the NHL just because it's a for profit league doesnt have a obligation to the sport that built it is absolutely ridiculous.


My fortune 500 company would do fine.... most spend 10s of millions on good will and equality.....makes the share holders happy.

You probably focus on your quarterly divadends...... some dividends pay more but take decades.


But hey what do I know... you sound like you know it all.



If the largest growing sector in minor hockey is women's hockey today then this could just be too early to adopt a legitimate league. Give it 15 -20 years and they might have enough interest to make it worth while for the players, owners and the fans.

I think it is just too early for a women's pro league. I am in full support of a women's pro league like the NHL but it just doesn't seem feasible to subsidize an entire league for the next 15+ years until it can sustain itself. 

Would it be nice if the NHL owners would step up absolutely but should they be obligated to? They already have equalization payments to keep the low hanging fruit NHL teams afloat and competitive why would they want to keep an entire league afloat. 

Maybe if the NHL could add something into future TV deals that would somehow help bring money into the women's league and also give them some tv exposure I could see that but that's about it, and again I think it is minimum 10 years too early to even think of this as an option and even start the discussions imo.


 But I would have loved it if my daughter could have had a WNHL team she could get behind and support while growing up. 

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