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[Waivers] Cory Schneider

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9 hours ago, VIC_CITY said:

I think I'm also leaning towards shipping Demko out east (far, far away from Seattle). Kinda like the Scnheider deal but not nearly the same value. Oddly enough, after all these years, it could be Edmonton once again that puts together the best offer. Their need for goaltending hasn't changed one bit since the Schneider deal. But they could be a goalie away from competing, with basically an identical window as us, so no thanks. 


As far as what a deal would look like. Well, next year we can realistically look at trading Eriksson. His salary will be less than half of his AAV for any acquiring team and Demko + Loui for a pick makes sense. Even if it isn't the pick we want, that $6M in cap space is enormous when you consider guys like Markstrom, JV, Leivo, Tanev, Stetcher, etc are all in line for a raise. Sure we can cut bait with Stetcher and Leivo but that isn't going to be enough. 


I know this is probably an unpopular perspective but there's just no way Benning doesn't re-sign Markstrom. Probably Tanev too. And Jake. Something's gotta give. 

All options have to be considered. The closer it gets to ED the more players who will be in play and I suspect the values go down. Leivo becomes an interesting subject. I would argue he was well on his way to a breakout season. Does Benning see it that way and want to give him another opportunity? I think Roussel is on the bubble as well.  

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