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We need to use our young guys and farm (Discussion)

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4 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

Yeah for sure. I would like to see some of these guys up here for a bit too!


It is definitely a tough spot. You want to get these young guys some experience but you're also trying to win games to make the playoffs. I get what you're saying too but I think the Canucks believe that this year they actually have a real shot at making the playoffs more than prior years.


Things is do you think they would get much ice-time if we're trying to win games? Most coaches would bench them for players who they know are more reliable. We've seen it a lot with Virtanen already before this season and back then we were a lot more of a developing team. We already have a full roster now with Ferland and Sutter out and they are not too far off. That's why I see us trading a few guys in the off-season, we've got too many already and are gonna need cap. So the young guys in the system are gonna get a shot.


It's an ever-changing process. If we lose a bunch of people and/or go on a huge losing streak that takes us out of the picture these young guys should and probably will get the experience that would help their development. Gaudette got a whole a lot of time last year when Sutter was out and it looks to be paying dividends for him this season.


That said you can be happy knowing that they are having a lot of success with Utica and may actually go on a deep playoff run there. They have that capability when they've got a full roster. That definitely wouldn't hinder them at all.

But here is the rub...…..and I do agree, Utica going deep into the playoffs would be awesome...….


But  if the Canucks get into the playoffs, guess what? Where do you think the Canucks will get their extra's from?

No doubt we cross that bridge when we come to it, but never the less, who ever the Canucks promote in that case 

will sure appreciate the earlier experience, so will Green....even if it is just learning the system and how it applies to the NHL


Better to pay up now, when you have some control over everything......when you get into the playoffs it is an entirely different beast

and your short handed

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