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[Discussion] Post-Covid Bucket List

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Really thankful for 2 sons that are really "go with the flow" types that haven't even batted an eye with the changes.  They haven't complained once about being bored.


Have taken for granted just popping into a store to grab something.  I haven't even been in a car since the 21st.


Don't miss?  Eating out/junk food.  I do have some at home that we've eating in moderation.  I find my cravings are way down, and have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks without even trying.


Looking forward to when this is done?  Games night with friends/family.

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I am looking at all inclusive to Mexico right now and finding 2 adults and 2 kids 12 and under for $340 a night in a 2 queen bedroom suite in 4 star+ locations.


So travel.  Like everywhere

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Posted (edited)
13 hours ago, canuktravella said:

   tundra over a tacoma? il have to check them

Yea a Tacoma is like a mini-Tundra. The millwright I’m always partnered with has one and pulls his 30’ trailer with it no problem.

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Give my mother and father a hug. 

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  1. Thankful for:
    1. the health for family and friends, money, the ability to work from home, friends
  2. Looking forward to:
    1. nothing. I don't look that far ahead
  3. Taken for granted:
    1. nothing. For the past 20 years, I've been very cognizant of what's important in life that I don't prioritize money, status, title, looks or material things. I've put my time, effort and energy into keeping connections, making memories, and acting to avoid regrets.
  4. Used to value but don't as much in the scheme of things:
    1. nothing. I've always been grateful for hot water, electricity, internet, a place to call home, a job, lots of friends and family and enough money to have the ability to decide my own fate. I have valued people's integrity, values and actions over superficial looks and talk. I will continue to do so.
  5. Life / perspective change:
    1. I had been thinking about changing myself in order to finally attract a partner.. change up my looks/style, learn how to flirt and date.. But now I think dating is out of the question. I'll try and say goodbye to all that.


I really do need to redo my Will though..

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