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[Discussion] Getting out of Cap Mess

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9 hours ago, IBatch said:

100% agreed.   GMs shouldn’t ever be fired if their team is consistently getting better - just like any worker who’s production starts ok/fine and gets better year after year.    And yes we’ve seen this many times on other teams recently and our very own (Nonis - did he really deserve the axe?... Bertuzzi trade gave us one of the biggest bumps we could ever hope for - no Luongo - no President trophies period).     I didn’t think we’d be as good as we’ve ended up so quickly.   Figured 6-8 years from the time JB took over before we’d sniff the playoffs.  Why?   Sedin era team wasn’t giving us anything back - Horvat and Markstrom and Sutter ... wow ... big effing deal.   Go from the best team in the league for two years and a top 7 team over a five year period to a total disaster - the disaster being we got relatively sh!t back for it.   A few picks - which were used on Vey and Bear - understandable.    I thought we were headed into a decade of irrelevance given like you said - how many teams there are now.    Used to be the last teams that made the playoffs were sub-.500 (21 teams - 16 make the show right?).   Now it’s virtually impossible to create a dynasty.   As far as product goes the hockey is very good.   But I do miss the enforcer element and how much harder players used to hit.   It’s exciting.   Off topic but truly this is not the golden age - that passed by us from around 73-94.    

No adds on the boards (anyone remember that?) ... a lot cleaner look - awesome open ice hits - a way more physical game.  Sometimes emotions spilled over and bench clearing brawls occurred (nobody remained sitting including most watch on TV).   We had guys like Dave Brown, Shultz, Ben Wihlson, Probert, some Brown highlights- that guy was unreal.    Of course Williams too.   Now who do we have?  Virtually no one.  With apologies to Reaves, Wilson and Simmonds... the average enforcer (Odjick) would have fed you your lunch every time.


Ugh.   Hockey isn’t the same - but maybe it’s gone back to how it used to be which I guess is ok too (pre Ferguson).    The only issue I have is players had  been taken care of for 3 decades - and pre PHI all players were expected to fight their own battles. 30 years of big brother doing it for you has removed that from the game for the most part (doesn’t help that the league is full of mellinials and gen z ‘s either - but that’s ok).  We are back to 1950-1960 style rolling four lines with the very best teams can manage - with the exception back then if you were challenged you didn’t look for someone else to do it for you - you dropped the gloves and did it yourself.   Hopefully that will change too - but not sure given the generations already doing it or the ones coming in.   It’s frustrating.   Hockey could be a lot better then it is... it was better then it is.  Hopefully that also will revert with time and some balance will come back...either way I’m happy the quality is pretty good. 

Hockey will likely never be the same as that era again. Good entertainment-wise, but not great health-wise for the players. Seeing more skill is pretty entertaining as well though. I'm fine with the uppers policing if they did it fairly and consistently, but that is a big ask. So with that said I agree that the players should probably be protecting each other and to an extent that also keeps players safer.


The ads don't bother me as long it doesn't become like the Euro leagues.

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