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Canucks or Wild?

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Who you rooting for to win this play in series?  

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This team Fly’s and scores a lot when their healthy, Wild would have to play physical and trap the hell out of the Canucks. 

Canucks will still light them up. 

No crowd will hurt Minnesota more.

we got this.

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Always root for your team to win! I will never cheer for my team to lose. If it happens it happens, but I think this year may be our best chance in a decade of going on a real run. Our youth is ready for some playoffs and this has been the plan from day 1 of the season. Would you give up on a whole year of work for 12.5% chance of winning a lottery with an as yet unproven payout?  Lafreniere might be the next Gretzky but he also could be the next Yakupov or likely something in between. We have taken the best player in the draft more than once despite never picking first (Sedins, EP and Hughes jump to mind). My tinfoil hat also believes that Bettman will never let the Canucks win a lottery. 

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