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#12804390 Canadians urged to confront ugly truth of residential schools

Posted by Heretic on Today, 03:49 PM


Basically this.. injustices have happened throughout history, I don't think we need to dwell on them all.


Sure - adjusting history education in public schools to represent the truth would be great. There are many other aspects of Canadian curriculum that could be changed as well while were at it..


It was shameful.


It's not about dwelling on it, it's about reconciliation.


Best quote I've read is this one:


Valcourt said reconciliation is not to "forgive and forget, but to remember and change."



Canadians must believe in the need for reconciliation with Aboriginal Peoples to repair the damage caused by residential schools, aboriginal leaders said Tuesday, as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its summary report and findings.

Justice Murray Sinclair, chair of the commission, called for changes in policies and programs, as well as commemoration through education and memorials, in introducing the commission's summary report and 94 recommendations.

​"Words are not enough," Sinclair said, to address the "cultural genocide" of residential schools on aboriginal communities.

"Reconciliation is not an aboriginal problem — it is a Canadian problem. It involves all of us."

Aboriginal leaders, church representatives and government and opposition leaders all acknowledged the commission's work is just the beginning, with many agreeing the history and legacy of residential schools should be part of the Canadian education curriculum.


More here:


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#12803976 Anyone download the windows 10 free download?

Posted by Heretic on Today, 09:53 AM

Don't do the upgrade. It's a bad idea. Never proper to put a windows operating system through that process. If you want windows 10, then buy it and install it properly. Otherwise your just going to get a ton of weird registry problems and a whole bunch of crap. Anytime you ever want to reload your pc you will have to load windows 7 or 8 and then reinstall your upgrade ect. It's just a bad idea.


This is such a load of FUD today....


Sure, back in the Windows '95 era, there were issues doing upgrades.


Makes no difference now....sure...it's a bit cleaner - but as soon as you load all your crap - it will be the same....


As far as "reloading" All you need to do is keep your Win 7/8 DVD - it will prompt you to enter the DVD without having to actually install it...but this does bring up a good question, say you do the "free" upgrade....then 1 year and a day later, you need to reload your OS - will your "free" upgrade work or will it say it's expired? 

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#12803308 New York man dies after being shot by police stun gun

Posted by Heretic on Yesterday, 04:12 PM


Generally speaking, anyone with any kind of specialized hand to hand combat training will not "charge at the officer with a clenched fist". If true harm was intended by way of specialized attacks, the attacker will wait until they are within range to execute those attacks. The description of the assailant seemed like "fit of rage" more than Bruce Lee incarnate.


IMO the description of what went down would have been a pretty clear indicator of the mental state of the individual, probably in the throws of some sort of drug induced state, won't know unless the toxicology results are released as part of the autopsy report.


That being said, the primary target (the officer who shot the individual) should have had his weapon drawn but not pointed at or ready to fire until the absolute last second, especially given there was no weapon involved on the part of the assailant; the other officers present should have been in position to provide back up and support to the officer involved and could have fired on the suspect if indeed it would appear that the officer would be in a life threatening situation.



The ironic thing here, is that the assailant was more or less likely to be high on cocaine, or something else, and/or could have had a pre-existing medical condition which resulted in cardiac arrest (which is the likely cause of death from a taser). Had the officer shot the individual with his firearm just about anywhere but center mass (say in the right shoulder region) this individual would have had a higher chance at survival, and would have faced justice for the rampage he went on causing the damages he did and in general being a menace to public safety.


I've long been against officers having tasers for a multitude of reasons, even long before the incident at the Vancouver Int'l airport. The weapons are inherently more dangerous than a gun simply for the fact that everyone's reaction to being hit with a taser is an unknown. With 10's of thousands of volts of electricity surging through the body, it will undoubtedly have an impact on anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, regardless of that condition having been diagnosed or not.


If a taser is used in a crowd control situation because someone is protesting a little too violently, and that individual ends up dead as a result, I think that's a pretty unfair thing to have happen. At least with a traditional firearm, if it absolutely has to be fired at an individual, a single shot is more than enough to put them down without loss of life; unless that is they are unlucky enough to have an artery hit or something else unforeseen occur. The point is, is that everyone has that same chance at survival unlike when a taser is involved.


Individuals who choose to be Police officers have to understand that a certain element of risk is inherent and comes with the job. It doesn't excuse that individual from making poor choices when others could have been made before the one which resulted in the worst possible outcome. If that individual is incapable of making those split second decisions under duress, then I'm sorry they shouldn't be a cop, plain and simple.


There are a lot of professions that a lot of people just shouldn't be in. Certainly I think that more stringent training and requirements should be applied to the application and hiring process of Police, and this has never been more evident as it has been recently with everything that's happening in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.


Say what?


Are you saying that it is better for people to be shot at because it's the same result for everyone as opposed to a taser which can only harm a small minority?


Good grief man...

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#12800240 The darker side of solar power

Posted by Heretic on 30 May 2015 - 03:55 PM


The problem is where he is coming from.


Im not sure how exactly Christians hopped on board the climate change denial bandwagon. Perhaps because they assume that science is their enemy on so many other issues (which science apparently is without intending to be) and this is a significant current one that coincides and therefore must be opposed for the sake of consistency. 


Or perhaps they think only the almighty has the power to change the world and the idea humans are capable of this is blasphemous, but whatever. This seems to be their position nonetheless.


An immense amount of harm has already been caused by their efforts to hinder progress; when they are successful, the best interests of human beings are sacrificed in order to reconcile Christian beliefs.


This will not do.


Seriously, WTF are you talking about?


What a pathetic and over generalized statement to make.


Yes, I'm a Christian, where did I ever say I denied climate change?


This thread has nothing to do with religion - Get out if you only plan on attacking Christians.  

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Posted by Heretic on 28 May 2015 - 02:40 PM


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#12796724 Overwhelmed Planet?

Posted by Heretic on 27 May 2015 - 08:47 AM

Carlin would have a variation of his famous list of 'unutterable' words(particularly should you work for the US EPA)...


Whoa....my youtube post of his famous "save the planet" was deleted....

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#12796721 this is a canadian thread

Posted by Heretic on 27 May 2015 - 08:43 AM

Is this one of those "Molson Canadian" ads?   :lol:



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#12796513 T-Bay bans other teams jerseys?

Posted by Heretic on 26 May 2015 - 11:11 PM

What if you wear a Tampa Bay Jersey and add the word "SUCKS" to it?

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#12794528 Canada Blocks Nuke Ban

Posted by Heretic on 25 May 2015 - 05:59 PM


Only if they voted to nuke us.


Even still, we'd probably still say "oap. Sorry aboat that eh" and let them nuke us.


They won't ever nuke us, they need our water.  ;)

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#12794340 Have you discovered what you're good at?

Posted by Heretic on 25 May 2015 - 03:14 PM

Getting drunk and being a jack ass.... hmmm, I should be a judge on some reality TV show


Radio jockey?  or better yet, a politician! 



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#12794297 Canada Blocks Nuke Ban

Posted by Heretic on 25 May 2015 - 02:38 PM



Jesus loves Nukes I guess


No need to to be like that. 

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#12794287 Canada Blocks Nuke Ban

Posted by Heretic on 25 May 2015 - 02:33 PM

Again, our government is acting against the wishes of Canadians.


Which Canadians?


Not this one.


I'm sure I'm not the only one neither.


As much as I hate weapons of mass destruction, having all the "nice" countries disarm is like banning guns from the average citizen - do you think the "bad" guys will hand in their nukes/guns?

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#12794097 Alberta Election: NDP Wins Majority to End PC Dynasty

Posted by Heretic on 25 May 2015 - 11:49 AM


The BC NDP are their own worst enemy. Utter ineptitude and constantly putting forward un-electable candidates/leaders. How they managed to screw up the last election is as hilarious as it is sad.


Whoever is pulling the strings in that party needs their hands cut off so they can no longer do so (I can't see the "grass roots" having that much influence personally). Hard and fast ideological governing doesn't work on either side of the spectrum. 


As you say, hopefully Alberta's NDP are little less moronic and myopic.


Fully agree with that.


Though I wonder if the same can be said about the voters in general, I just read the following and I can't believe how no one caught the Liberals over it:


Campbell Misled Public on NDP Finances In 2001 the incoming premier called NDP finances “worse than we anticipated.” His briefing binders, gained by The Tyee through an FOI, told him the opposite.
By Will McMartin, 20 Apr 2005, TheTyee.ca
Inherited $1.5 billion surplus

Mere days after winning the 2001 general election with promises of honesty and accountability, incoming premier Gordon Campbell misrepresented the province’s finances by portraying the massive surplus he had inherited from the defeated NDP as an enormous deficit.

He had every reason to know otherwise.

The facts were plain to read in the transition binders that outgoing NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh gave Campbell right after the election. Those binders were obtained by this writer through a Freedom of Information request.

In the third binder of seven, prepared by finance ministry bureaucrats, was an up-to-date accounting of provincial finances.

The numbers in the binder confirmed the strength of B.C.’s economy at the time, and the astonishing transformation of the province’s fiscal situation. It was a financial picture even better, in fact, than the rosy scenario the NDP had based its budget upon three months earlier.

A surplus topping $1.5 billion. That is what the figures in the binder recorded for the fiscal year 2000-01, the last full fiscal year of NDP government.

Among the details: The newly revised forecast of the consolidated revenue fund surplus was nearly $1.4 billion — an increase of $85 million over what was estimated in the NDP budget three months earlier. Net income for B.C.’s Crown corporations was now pegged at $185 million — a gain of $21 million. And since the ‘forecast allowance’ was not required, another $150 million automatically went to the bottom line. (The ‘forecast allowance’ is a cushion built into the annual budget not meant to be spent except under unforeseen circumstances.)

Consequently, the surplus in the overall summary accounts was a whopping $1.573 billion — a $256 million improvement from the NDP’s revised forecast for the previous year.

No ‘fudge’

This wasn’t “fudge-it budgeting.” British Columbia’s economy was firing on all cylinders. The public debt had been reduced, the budget was balanced, and the treasury filled to overflowing.

One might think that the newly-elected Campbell government had found itself in an enviable fiscal position. But the positive picture painted by the third briefing binder presented a political dilemma of sorts. After all, the B.C. Liberals’ election victory in part rested on their often repeated assertion that the New Democrats’ final budget was in deficit and, like a previous NDP budget, “fudged.” The briefing binders clearly showed those allegations to be untrue, a revelation that might prove embarrassing for the new government.

Yet, the B.C. Liberals’ election platform had promised to "deliver real transparent, accountable government." With pledges such as these, surely the new premier had no choice but to accurately disclose the binders' contents to the public. Or did he?

Two days after the transition ceremony when the binders were handed over, Gordon Campbell met a scrum of press gallery reporters at Victoria's Empress Hotel. There, where the 77-member B.C. Liberal caucus was holding its first post-election meeting, Gordon Campbell gave his answer. "Some of the problems that we face are as we thought and some are worse than we thought," he said, "The finances of the province are worse than we anticipated." He added, "The magnitude of the losses we may face compared to budget is still up in the air."

Banner headlines in the following day’s daily newspapers fairly screamed that the defeated New Democrats had left behind a fiscal mess for the new government. "B.C. Finances Worse Than Thought, Campbell Says," blared The Vancouver Sun.

Five weeks later, without fanfare, B.C.’s public accounts for fiscal 2001-02 were released by the comptroller general and auditor general. They confirmed record-shattering surpluses in the consolidated revenue fund and the summary accounts. So great was the fiscal windfall that British Columbia was able to make what was then the largest-ever reduction to the public debt.

Campbell’s record deficits

Far from inheriting a fiscal disaster from the NDP, Campbell and his party were given a provincial treasury brimming with cash. But the voting public was led to think very much otherwise.

Where then to lay blame for the deep deficits that the BC Liberals racked up in their first three years? The radical tax cuts announced by Campbell’s party just after the election, coupled with external blows to the BC economy such as 9/11 fallout and the softwood lumber dispute, were to blame for those record setting deficits. Big miscalculations by the BC Liberals, and not the NDP, forced Gordon Campbell’s government to scramble, cutting deep into social spending and clawing back regressive taxes in order to avert a deficit meltdown.

Those who don’t believe this can find the facts right where I did. They can see the very positive picture contained in the third transition binder Gordon Campbell was handed, and presumably read, just before he inexplicably declared, "The finances of the province are worse than we anticipated."

This is adapted from Will McMartin’s chapter in Liberalized: The Tyee Report on British Columbia under Gordon Campbell’s Liberals.

McMartin is a regular columnist for The Tyee, creator of The Tyee’s Battleground BC seat projection feature, and has consulted for various political parties.



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#12792996 The new axis of evil Canada: One third of American 8th graders think Canadi...

Posted by Heretic on 24 May 2015 - 12:23 PM

One third of Canadian 8th graders don't understand how the American political system works either.  But thanks for the pointless article.




I remember learning about many countries in elementary/Junior High Social Studies and who the "leader" was, President, Prime Minister, King, etc...

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#12791069 My employer is requiring employees to arrive early...without pay [SOLVED]

Posted by Heretic on 22 May 2015 - 04:31 PM


Still not making any headway on me being anti-workers rights.


Quite the impressive straw man you're attempting to put together though.


You didn't support Teacher's rights, said they were babies, suck it up, 30 students in a class is fine.


Sounds the same as "suck it up and be at work 15 mins early"  no?  

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