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TheCanuckleheads.ca is a blog for procrastinating Canuck fans, who tune in online when they should be working

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Top 10: Keys to the Vancouver Canucks' Season

With the pre-season in full swing, the Vancouver Canucks are once again looking like the class of the Northwest Division. Edmonton may be better than last year, but are still in rebuilding mode. Calgary remains the most enigmatic team in the league, and their aging core and lack of youth do not bode well, although a place in the post-season remains a possibility. Minnesota made a pair of bold acquisitions from San Jose in trading for Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi, but their team identity r



Stanley Cup Game 5 Recap: Bobby Lou To The Rescue

My oh my, how things turn on a dime. Momentum. Energy. Confidence. A 31-save shutout for Bobby Lou has put Vancouver back in the driver’s seat. Roberto Luongo’s Game 5 shutout is his fourth of the playoffs after posting goose eggs in Game 1 of the Chicago series, the Nashville series, and the Boston series. But this is a big one. It comes on the heels of two less than stellar games. While the lovable yoga master Tim Thomas has been getting all the love for his charismatic excellence, Roberto Lu



Stanley Cup Game 4 Recap: The Luongo Question Mark

It's understandable that Vancouver Canuck fans are freaking out a little bit. The team has a 40-year history without conquering Lord Stanley, and after two great games on home ice, we were all dreaming of coming home for Game 5 with either the Stanley Cup or a 3-1 series lead. But now that it's 2-2 and Luongo has looked fragile and the power play has been listless and the momentum has swung in favour of the Bruins, it's no time to jump ship. The series is still there for the taking, and the

Game 3 Recap: The Snowball Effect

Fortunately for the Canucks, they've been down this road before. I'm not sure what it is about this team that sees them spiral so wildly out of control on occasion. But in Games 4 and 5 against Chicago, the Canucks got complacent and then couldn't stop the bleeding. After a 5-0 shutout in Chicago in Game 4, Vancouver returned home for Game 5, only to lay another egg. The 7-2 final was ugly, and you had to wonder how a team that had played so well in building a 3-0 series lead against their nemes

Canucks Game Day: Vigneault’s Juggling Act

Traditional wisdom suggests you don’t mess with a good thing, but Vigneault never seems to get blinded by superstition. Take tonight’s Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final, for example. Vancouver beat Boston 1-0 in the opener of the Stanley Cup Final. It was a solid defensive performance, and his troops took control of the game when it mattered most in the 3rd. The Canucks were rewarded for dictating play with a clutch goal in the dying seconds from Raffi Torres — the lone Canuck (other than the inju

Game 1 Recap: Canucks 1, Bruins 0

For the first half of Game 1 in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, the parade to the penalty box seemed like it would never end. Maybe the players were a little jumpy, and maybe the refs were too. Sure, you can't argue with the high-sticks. And Burrows deserved the extra two minutes at the end of the 1st. But the goalie interference penalty to deny Vancouver its 2nd-period 5-on-3 was a terrible call, and there were a few others that were pretty chintzy. Like a couple games in the Sharks' series, the r

Manny's Back!

The unbelievable news of Manny Malhotra’s return to the Canucks’ lineup will be a major x-factor in the Stanley Cup Finals. When you listen to him deal with the media, the guy oozes class, professionalism, and positivity. In the two-and-a-half months since his injury, he has dealt with two major eye operations and faced the fear that his hockey career was potentially over and that his vision may never fully recover. Despite the gravity of the injury, Malhotra remained directly involved with

Canucks vs. Bruins: The Stanley Cup Final Preview

With the Stanley Cup Finals set to begin on Wednesday, June 1 at The Garage, Vancouver has a distinct advantage over Boston in two areas: their power play and overall team speed. So far in these playoffs, Boston's power play is clicking at a paltry 8.2% (5-for-61) compared to Vancouver's 28.3% (17-for-60) efficiency. Boston scored 0 goals in their first-round series against Montreal, 2 goals against Philly in Round 2, and 3 goals in their schizophrenic series against Tampa. And if you've seen m

Puck Luck & The Promised Land

If I could’ve been anywhere last night when Kesler — hobbling à la Kirk Gibson — tipped home Henrik’s wrister with 13.2 seconds left in the third, and when Bieksa slapped a ground ball past Niemi for the double-OT winner, it would have been wherever Tom Larscheid was. As each goal went in, I couldn’t help but wish Tommy and Shorty were calling the game. You just know Tommy would have been going ballistic on the air. And once he settled down, he would have told you about puck luck and how you’ve

Canucks Gameday: No Time Like The Present

If you're a pool player, you know that your first shot on the 8-ball is usually your best chance to finish the game. It may not be an easy shot, but it somehow gets harder to sink if you miss that first opportunity to put your opponent away. As the Canucks head into Game 5 against the Sharks, it's the third straight series they've had the chance to wrap things up on home ice. While there's no need to dwell on Round 1, the breakdown against the Hawks began with a lacklustre effort in Game 4 that

The Power-Play Floodgates

What a nightmare game for a coach. Not to mention fans. What were the refs doing in the opening minute after Tanner Glass lined up opposite Jamie McGinn? Both just itching to whistle Glass for something…following him around…warning him not to do it…and then nailing him for some chintzy check—for which they picked 'tripping' out of a hat. It set a tone of zero tolerance. And from that point on, the refs interfered with the game, rather than calling it as it came their way. McGinn, we rec

Canucks Gameday: Into the Shark Tank

Before we get into the Sharks' collective morale heading into Game 3 and the perception that Roberto Luongo plays poorly in the Shark Tank, let's remind ourselves that the voracious man-eating tendency of sharks is largely mythical, just like Luongo's fear of playing in San Jose. The shark myth began with Jaws back in 1975, which cast the great white shark as an evil beast hell-bent on consuming human flesh. And ever since then, sharks have become the most feared animal on the planet. But the re
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