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Canucks Immortalized: Ring of Honour




In celebration of their 40th season in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks are inducting their greatest players of all time into the Ring of Honour.

Four decades in the making, newly named Rogers Arena (formerly GM Place) is becoming a place of legend and hockey lore. Beginning October 26th versus the Colorado Avalanche, the Canucks will induct former great players into the Ring of Honour, forever canonizing them in the chronicles of Canuck greatness. The very first inductee is none other than the original captain, Orland Kurtenbach. The Cudworth, Saskatchewan native's sterling resolve, vast strength and power was only overshadowed by his undying leadership and "Never give up" philosophy. The newly formed Hall of Heroes in section 316 will highlight the achievements and memories of these great athletes who electrified Canucks fans during their illustrious careers. All this will be in addition to section 121 where the Canucks Memories exhibit is located, an audio/visual account of the franchises history, reliving favorite Canucks moments and triumphs.


"Big Kurt" was quiet and unassuming off the ice, but he was a take-charge leader while on it

Therefore, with Orland Kurtenbach set to be announced as the first ever Ring of Honor inductee, it begs the question: Who's next?

With so many Canucks providing savory memories over the years, it can be quite difficult to narrow it down to only a selection or two. Who do you feel deserves the honor of being the second inductee next to Kurtenbach?


Don't let the stats fool you. 'King' Richard Brodeur was extremely acrobatic, exciting to watch, and the Canucks ace in the hole

If you're like myself, you caught the Canucks bug a little bit late... 1981/82 was the year my father and I watched our first Canucks game together. I don't know that another player could capture my attention the way Richard "The King" Brodeur did - I was constantly drawing him in his net making some spectacular save. My 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Webster, let me doodle on my Hilroy notebook, though, because I was normally a distraction and a jester. But it's true: There are many Canucks who could be up for the distinction. Don Lever, Stan "The Steamer" Smyl, Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure, Kirk McLean, Pat Quinn, Geoff Courtnall, Markus Naslund, Petri Skriko, Tony Tanti, Harold Snepsts; the list goes on for potential candidates.


Regardless, the second inductee will no doubt stir memories on the grandest scale. Everyone knows that the Vancouver Canucks organization knows how to celebrate, and the surprises in store for Canuck Nation are tantalizing. Doubtless, ten years, twenty years, perhaps even another forty years from now, people will ask you: "Where were you when they inducted Orland Kurtenbach into the Ring of Honour?" "What game was being played when they inducted __________ as the second Ring of Honour member?" "Did you secretly brush away a tear as they raised Markus Naslund's banner into the rafters?" Truly, it's an historic time to be a Canucks fan.


Don Lever had 9 seasons with 20 goals or more, an ironman streak of 437 games, and had a tireless work ethic


Pavel Bure, aptly dubbed the 'Russian Rocket', was the fastest, purest goal-scorer the Canucks organization had ever produced

Currently, it's a secret when the second Ring of Honour member will be inducted, but it won't be too long of a wait. This much we know for sure, it's sure to be a fantastic evening, one that many won't soon forget. The beauty of it all is that it doesn't stop here. Judging by the current crop of Canucks, there are more legends in the making, and hopefully this season makes it that much more difficult to decide: Which Canuck will be next to be immortalized in the Ring of Honour?


Tom Larscheid of cool Kirk McLean: "He's like one of those bubble hockey goalies, always standing perfectly straight and just letting the puck hit him."

For a deeper analysis of the Ring of Honour inductees and background, the following link should be helpful:


With files from greatesthockeylegends.com, I'm Larenzo Jensen



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