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Always a bridesmaid never a bride...



Lately I have been trying to figure out what it is that stops the canucks winning hockey's holy grale The Stanley Cup. After a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that the Canucks are just too hot headed. They go out game after game and retaleate for something an opposing player has done and are given a penalty for it. A team mate gets injured by a "legal hit" and we lose our cool,take a penalty and more often then not get scored upon.

For much of the Canuks forty years in the leage the have been a middle of the pack to lower eshilon team. So, being at the head of the pack is a new experience for them. If they have learned nothing this season I hope that they have figured out It is okay to play in a way in which you try to put the better players on the opposing team off their game or off of thier game as long as you do it under the guise of a legal play. Don't believe me? just as Kieth Ballard and Alex Edler...


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No offence but were you drunk when you wrote this? Your second paragraph doesn't even make sense....it pretty much contradicts your first paragraph.

Just an FYI, there was a huge uproar on here after the "legal hit" because no one went after Getzlaf. There wasn't even a penalty for the entire 3rd period of that game. I don't think hot headed is the correct term.

Looking over NHL.com stats, we are the 13th most penalized team in the league....right in the middle. Having watched most games this season, I can safely say that most of our penalties are of the hook/hold variety as a result of being caught up ice/out of place or giving a little too much during a puck battle. Which has very little to do with losing our cool......brings me to my last point....

We are 5th in the league in PK. Even though it has been on a slide in the past couple games, it's completely understandable considering OUR DEFENCE IS DEPLETED!

Or is this satire? ;)

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