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Send Bieska to Toronto where he belongs...........




You look at the Canucks this year and you might think there is no need for trades this season. But there is that cap issue and if everyone is going to be healthy? Then something will have to be done on the back end. I've been reading some of the stuff on here and I hear a lot about who should be traded. Ehrhoff should not be packing his bags. Give your head a shake and look at the stats if you think thats a good idea. Kevin Bieska is a prime candidate for a move. He is paid way too much and has timely mistakes and penalties in the playoffs. I know he's having a better year but maybe thats because hes comming to the end of his contract. But even if he is trying a little harder now. He is still not worth it. I know he has a great plus minus this year but I think its beacause he has been Hamhuis's side kick. Being on the number one unit. It is easy to stand on the ice while the Sedin's pile up a bunch of goals. The plus minus stat doesnt always justify a players contribution to the team. Kevin B. has the most penalties on the Canucks and has way less points then Ehrhoff. Ehrhoff has almost twice as many goals,assists and points. And guess who is cheaper to keep? Yep, you already know probaly if you know whats going on with this team. So why trade Ehrhoff who is 14th in scoring for D men and Kevin is in 61st with a ton of penalty minutes.

GP PIM Majors for fighting

Kevin Bieksa 57 69 3

Andrew Alberts 42 41 1

Christian Ehrhoff 55 32 3

Keith Ballard 43 37 0

Aaron Rome 32 29 1

Dan Hamhuis 47 26 0

Alexander Edler 49 22 0


Christian Ehrhoff 55 10 25 35

Alexander Edler 49 8 24 32

Kevin Bieksa 57 6 13 19

So I say trade Kevin for somebody before he does what he does best in the playoffs. I would like to see him go to Toronto for Kabrele because I think thats the type of team he belongs to. But Shea Weber would be a dream other then the fact he is their captain and best player. So why would they want to trade Weber? It would have to be more then just Mr.B if we did get him. Or maybe we could get Phillips from Ottawa or White from Carolina. I really dont care as long as Bieska is traded because his stock is higher then it will ever get. I think we could get a sucker GM to give us a good deal for him ;) Gillis you need to sell sell sell!



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You must be joking :blink: ? Somebody has put you up to this because there is no way you are this much of a homer ?troll ? I have never been the biggest fan of KB but your reasoning to me is insane. His effort at combining toughness and composure this year is finally coming together . Opposing goons are not savagely hacking away at our stars because they know we will not hesitate to exact some justice.

You do realize he has been rock on d for us more games than not this year right ?

KB has been at the top or near the top for +/- for most of the year , currently in second with a +26 only one back of Lydman+27

I know you have noticed how much better of a skater he is in his own end and how much more confidence he has shown game in and game out . Yes there has been the occasional stupid penalty and the odd give away but seriously he is only human and if it were not for BIEKSA 2.0 we would have seen way fewer wins in the last 2 months with our entire D core sitting in the ER .

So I and Canuckle nation forgive you for your clear lapse in vision or positivity for or boys on their current quest for Lord Stanley's mug.

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you sir are an idiot... BOOM BOOM is the man... were getting bombarded with injuries and you want to TRADE dmen away??

I dont even know what to think...

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I put that post out knowing there would be this kind of response. And dont the stats give u clear evidence if you cant see it in the games. Just watch when we are matched up against good teams what KB does. Oh yah im sure everyone doesnt messs with the Sedin's because of Bieska.Hahahahahahahahahahahaha give your head a shake. He has only been in 3 fights this year and got knocked out in 2 of the 3. Oh no hes so scary. Maybe im just a fan and so are all of you. But see what happens in time to come. He will get a pay cut or he will be traded. Hopefully he is gone sooner then later. :) But better yet he is now hurt :) and hopefully we will trade him to a team that isn't going to make the playoffs, so they will be okay with him being hurt now. Either way now there will be a young kid comming up just for the love of the game. Not the love of money. Because KB is comming to the end of his contract as I once said. And ever since he signed that deal years ago he has been not worth the money. And maybe that has something to do with him doing better this season. You do know the +/- stat isnt always the best stat to justify a player. What if Lou got 10 shutout in a row? Anyone woud have a great +/- after that. Our goalie have been playing good and Dan Hamhuis until he was hurt was helping KB more then you know. Im just saying if anyone gets traded it should be Kevin. Not Ehrhoff! Ehrhoff produces more points and is tougher in my opinion and is payed less the KB.

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Yah Trade a D-man for A D-man pal.What are u thinking?? Trade for a center or a draft pick. lol hahaha. Your probaly just a band wagon hop on with your knowledge. Your bf is hurt now anyways Frazzy.... lol Yes :)

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Okay ok. He is not going to go to TO. But maybe he can find a good deal on a house in Ottawa for his family?

Well sorry if I made anyone upset. But he's just not the type of player I want to hang around.Hes going to slump big time when he gets back from injury too. Well I hope not anyways.But again Im sorry if anyone is mad. I dont intend to do that. So end of story. Unless he is dealt. Then i might just say a few words. But anyways sorry and end of story. But another thing I must get off my chest is Hank Sedin. I think they should be spliting up the twins finally and trade Hank. He is a very good captain but isnt producing the same type of plays as he did last year. And he cant find the back of the net as much as Ryan and Daniel. So trade him while his stock is up. Hahaha lol. I gotcha all. Just kidding. That would be the most moronic trade in sports history. Ive always loved the Sedins ever since they came here. I never once called them the sisters and always knew they would develope into the stars they are today. I hope Danny can match his brothers art ross trophy this year. They are the best thing to happen to the franchise since Pavel Bure. I know their numbers will be retired here for sure.

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Knocking on Bieksa?!?

What is this? August 2010?

Don't look now, but juice has been our best defenseman this season.

He'll be re-signed before you can say 'contract year!'

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If Mike Gillis is smarter then you he won't. The idiot will ask for too much cause he is already over paid.

Contract year, CONTRACT YEAR, cOnTrAcT yEaR, Contract year!!!! HMMMMM not signed yet.

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Being tough doesnt make you a good fighter.It means you can take a punch. And DOOM DOOM got knocked out this year. A couple times. So get your facts straight before you make wise ass coments that make me think wow. Someone thinks there Einstein.

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they will not resign bieksa in the off season i hope he gets a pay raise and goes somewhere else.. at the start of the season everyone had already accepted the fact he was on his way out of here then the fateful injury to salo occured which was probably a sign from god to keep bieksa for this season. Im not a KB fan but he has showed vast improvements this season and has deserved to see the season through with the number 1 team in the league and the number 1 plus minus player in the league. get the cup and part ways.

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yes I could agree with that.I ll take that deal :) But i dont know how much more he deserves? He already makes around 4 million. Its not like her produces a lot on offence.

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